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Acropolis, Athens, GreeceThis is the index page for my Athens Survival Guide. It will give you the tools to survive and thrive in Athens, Greece and enable you to have as much fun as I do and feel as comfortable as if you have been here before. You can read about hotels, restaurants, archaeological sites, nightlife, beaches and day-trips to nearby islands and beaches and towns on the mainland. My Athens Guide may not be as high tech as some of the other travel sites but I think you will find it to be the most fun to use and probably find it to be at least as helpful as the popular guide books, except this is free. I began this website in 1995 and I update it continuously. Use the menu below that will lead you to the various sub-menus on this page. This site is entirely hand-made and contains no cookies, no spyware or sneaky pop-ups or tricks that make you click on something you don't want. I have put ads at the bottom of the pages to not be a distraction and only ads for my own pages or businesses I know and trust. By supporting them you not only support me, but you will probably have a safer and happier trip to Greece.

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Important! Greece lifts quarantine restrictions on US, UK, EU visitors as of Monday 19th April. Proof of vaccination or negative Covid test within 72 hours is required. Source: the Economic Adviser to the Greek Prime Minister. (Personally I would wait until June at least).

Guide to Athens, Greece for 2021

Basic Athens Info

Where to Play and Stay

Travel Agents, Hotels etc

Getting Out of Athens:

Helpful Athens Info

Athens Photos & Articles

Other Greece Websites

Basic Athens Information

This section will get you started. It includes practical information like arriving at Venizelos Airport and getting into the city, to finding hotels in the best areas of Athens where you can walk to all the sites. It also includes recommended travel agents, using the metro and finding a good restaurant as well as the major reasons you are in Athens, which include the Acropolis, the museums and the most important archaeological sites as well as nightlife. Some of the important pages are duplicated in other sections as well.

Athens, Plaka
When To Go

Flying to Athens, Greece
Getting to Athens

Athens Venizelos Airport
Arrival in Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens
Hotels in Athens

Fantasy Travel, Athens, Greece
Travel Agents in Athens

Athens restaurant
Athens Restaurants

George the Famous Taxi Driver
George the Famous Taxi Driver

The Acropolis
Top 10 Things to See

National Archaeological Museum of Athens
Museums of Athens:

Acropolis, Athens
The Acropolis

Athens walking tour
A Walk Around Athens with Matt

Jazz in Psiri, Athens
Nightlife in Athens

Athens Metro
The Athens Metro

Athens Tram
The Athens Tram

Athens Bus
Athens Buses

Athens Photo Tours
Athens Photo Journeys

Athens shops
Shopping in Athens

Athens beer
Beer in Athens

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Where to Play and Stay in Athens

This section will tell you where to stay, where not to stay and why, and how to make your way through the various neighborhoods and districts of downtown Athens. It also includes important archaeological sites and parks, shopping areas and more. The bottom of each page has recommended hotels and booking information. Booking through my site helps support my work.

Plaka, Athens
The Plaka Guide

Athens Syntagma Square
Syntagma Square:

Makrigianni and Koukaki

Monastiraki, Athens
Monastiraki Flea Market

Psiri, Athens
Psiri Nightlife

Athinas Street
Athinas Street

Ermou Street
Ermou Street

Aeolou Street, Athens
Aeolou Street


Athens Meat, Fish and Vegetable Market
The Athens Market

The Gazi

Lykavettos and Kolonaki
Kolonaki and Lykavitos

Platia Agia irini
Agia Irini Square

Ancient Agora, Athens
The Ancient and Roman Agoras

Kerameikos, Ancient Cemetery of Athens
Kerameikos Ancient Cemetery

National Gardens of Athens
The National Gardens

Acropolis, Athens
The Acropolis


Omonia Square
Omonia Square and Beyond

Exarchia, Athens

Metaxourgeio, Athens

Nikis Street
Nikis and Voulis Streets

Athens parks
The Great Outdoors

Athens Beaches
Beaches of Athens

Faliron, Athens coast
Coastal Athens

Kifissia: Cool Northern Suburbs


Mount Lykavettos, Athens
The View from Lykavettos

Temple of Zeus
Temple of Olympian Zeus

Panathiniako Stadium, Athens
Panathinaiko Marble Stadium

Patission Street, Athens
Patission Street

Immigrant Neighborhoods

Iera Odos
Iera Odos

Athens shops
Shopping in Athens

Nea Smyrni, Athens
Nea Smyrni

Stavros Niarchos Center
Stavros Niarchos Center

Exploring Attica by Car

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens
Hotels in Athens

Air BnB style apartment
Athens Apartments

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Services in Athens

This section includes recommended hotels and travel agents, taxi drivers and other businesses in Athens. The hotel section tells which areas to stay at and which to avoid. I included a few interesting tours as well. These are the people who have supported my work for the last 20 years so please consider booking with them. You won't find better.

Fantasy Travel, Athens, Greece
Travel Agents in Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens
Hotels in Athens

Hotel Attalos
Athens Hotel Attalos

George the Famous Taxi Driver
George the Famous Taxi Driver

Tours and Transfers

Dennis Limo Service
Limousine Service

Tours and Transfers

Billy's Bus tours
Billy's Bus Tours
Group Tours and Transfers

Gold jewelry
Gold and Jewelery

Melissinos: Poet Sandalmaker of Athens
Melissinos: Poet-Sandalmaker

Swift Car rentals, Athens
Swift Car Rentals

Athens Synogogue
Jewish Walking Tours

Athens Walking Tour

Athens Sightseeing Tour

Athens Tour Guide
Personal Tour Guide

Athens Wine Bar
Food and Wine Day Tours

Athens By Night
Athens By Night Tour

Kostas, Athens Walking Tours
Kosta's Athens Walking Tours

Athens food
Athens Market and Food Tour

Athens Philosophy workshop
Philosophy and History Workshops

Athens Mythology Tour
Athens Mythology Tour

Athens art gallery
Athens Art Galleries

Wineries of Attica

Bringing A Group? Helpful work-page for Churches, schools, cultural organizations coming to Greece

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Getting Out of Athens

Most people come to Athens because they are going to the Greek Islands and this section will tell you about the islands near Athens and how to get to them and those further away. It also has sections on mainland day-trips and overnight trips, and various services who can get you out of Athens. For those of you who are going to the Greek Islands I suggest you visit my Greek Island Guide too.

Santorini, Greece
The Greek Islands

Island of Poros
Islands Near Athens

How to Go to a Greek Island

Greek Cruise Page

Santorini, Greece
Fantasy's Greek Island Hopping

Rafina & Other Day-Trips

Pireaus ferry
Ferry Boats & Pireaus

Beach st Nafplion
Nafplion and the Argolis

George the Famous Taxi Driver
George the Famous Taxi Driver

Saronic cruise
One-Day Saronic Islands Cruise

Nafplion, Greece
The Argolis with George

Kea, Greece
Island of Kea
: 1 Hour from Athens

Port of Lavrion

Temple of Poseidon, Sounion
Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

Fantasy Travel, Athens, Greece
Travel Agents in Athens

Evia, Greece

Toucan, Athens Zoo
Attika Zoological Park

Greek Mainland

Search All Greek Hotels

Pireaus Hotels
Pireaus Hotels

Faliron, Athens coast
Coastal Athens

Greek ferry
Ferry Schedules

Greek driver
Driving in Greece

Ancient Corinth
Greek Mainland Tours

Athens Beaches
Beaches of Athens

Fantasy Travel, Athens Greece
Fantasy Travel

Matt Barrett
Matt's Greece Itinerary Suggestions

Cabin charter sailing
One Week Sailing Cruises

to the Greek Islands

Santorini Hotel
Greek Island Hotels, Rooms
and Villas Search

Hotel Grande Bretagne
Search all
Hotels in Greece

Corinth Canal
7 Day Grand Tour

5 Day Classical Tour

4 Day Classical Tour

Delphi, Greece
Tour to Delphi

Epidavros, Greece
Tour to Myceneae/Epidavros

Meteora, Greece
Delphi/Meteora Tour

Exploring Attika by Car

A Walking Trip in Pireaus

Athens Taxi
Leaving Athens

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Other Helpful Athens Info

This section has a lot of important stuff, some articles written in a fun and whimsical fashion and other articles quite dry and boring but nonetheless useful. I have also included some of the articles that are featured in the sections above but are just as suited to this section. In fact the stuff I want you to read because I think it is important to you (or to me) I may have listed two or three times in this index.

Stroller in Athens
Strollering Through Athens

View from Acropolis
Maps of Athens

Matt Barrett Travel Tips
Cure for Jet-lag and Insomnia

Gay Athens, Greece
Gay Athens/Gay Greece

Top 10 Things to do in Athens

Apokreas in Athens
Apokreas: Carnival Season

Athens, clean Monday
Winter in Greece

Easter in Athens
Easter in Greece

Athens Santas
Christmas in Athens

Athens bakery
Breakfast in Athens

Cafe Foibos, Kypseli
The Best Coffee in Athens

Greek wine barrels
Retsina and Greek Wine

Komboloi-worry beads
Gift Shopping

Greek music Babis Tsertos
Favorite Greek CDs

Ouzo King

Kapni Karea church
Weekend in Athens

The Evzone
Bookstores and Books

Monastiraki, Athens
24 Hours in Monastiraki

Barbounia-red mullet
Eating Seafood in Pireaus

Athens walking tour
A Walk Around Athens with Matt

Greek food
Guide to Greek Food

University of Athens
Practical & Practically Useless Info

Patsa: Elixer of the Working Class

Learn Greek
Learn Greek

Greek statue
The Curse of Eleusis

KTEL Athens Bus
Bus Schedules and Fares

Lake Vouliagmeni
Lake Vouliagmeni Healing Springs

Greek Salad
Greek Food Pronunciation

Athens in the rain
Rain in Athens?

Demonstration in Syntagma 2008
Demonstrations and Riots

George the Famous Taxi Driver
George the Famous Taxi Driver

Parthenon Marbles
The Parthenon (Elgin) Marbles

Fantasy Travel, Athens, Greece
Travel Agents in Athens

Amvrazi & Vrettos
Amvrazi & Vrettos: Journalists

Athens News
Newspapers in Athens

Athens police
Crime and Scams

Dancing in Athens
Dancing in Athens

Acropolis Rally
The Acropolis Rally

Athens boots
Packing for Greece

Yoga and Healing in Athens
Yoga and Healing

Immigrant Neighborhoods

Matt Barrett
Greece Itinerary Suggestions

Athens Stray Dog
Stray Dogs: An Athenian problem

Athens Classic Marathon
The Athens Marathon

Athens Souvlaki shop
Souvlaki: Greece's Gift to Fast Food

Staying in Contact

Matt's Greece Travel Tips

Tank wheelchair for Greece
Information for Wheelchair Users

Socrates: Greek Rock Group
Socrates Drank The Conium

Athens Grocery
Cost of Food

Agia Irini Church, Athens
Churches & AA Meetings

If you have an idea of what you want to do in Greece use my Create-an-itinerary Form It's fun.  You fill out the form and choose the islands and how many days you want to stay, any tours, and what your budget is and click send and in a few hours a travel agency replies with a plan for you.

Questions? e-mail me

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Photo Tours of Athens and Other Stuff

These are photos I have taken over the years and several articles that I could not decide where else to put them. Many of these pages are linked to from other pages above but some are not. There are also links to photo albums on some of my other websites. In fact you can see most of my best photos by going to

On The Acropolis

Parthenon Interior
Inside the Parthenon

Matt Barrett
Matt's Greece Travel Blog

Omonia Square, Athens 1960
Greece in the Sixties Photos

Athens Graffiti
Graffiti of Athens

Athens Fish market
Athens Market Photos

Panathiniako Stadium, Athens
Panathinaiko Marble Stadium

Psiri, Athens
Psiri Photo Album

Monastiraki, Athens
24 Hours in Monastiraki

Plaka Photo Album

Kerameikos, Athens
Kerameikos Photo Album

Everyday Athens

Temple of Zeus
Temple of Olympian Zeus

Greece Comics
Matt's Greece Cartoons

Athinas Street
Old Athens Postcards

Bank of Greece
In Search of Old Buildings

Zorba the Greek
Filmed in Greece

Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett for Athens Mayor?

Psiri, Athens
Old Psiri Photo Tour

Monastiraki, Athens
Old Flea Market Photo Journey

Shopping in Athens
Old Shopping Photo Journey

athens restaurant
Matt's Best of Athens Page

Mask of Agamemnon
National Museum Photo Tour

Greek Independence Day
Greek Independence Day Photos

Nov 17 Athens, Greece
History of Greece

Nea Peramos

Laiki Agora
Laiki Farmers Markets

Athens Market
Old Market Photo Journey

The Lyceum of Aristotle

Rembetika Music
Rembetika Music

Byzart Greek Jewelry
Byzart Ancient Greek Jewelry

Olympico Greek Jewelry
Olympico Greek Jewelry

Byzantino Jewelry
Byzantino Jewelry

Fokionos Negri, Kypseli
Life in Kypseli Photo Tour

Kaisariani Monastery
Kaisariani Monastery

Naxos Cheese Shop
Naxos Cheese Shop

Street People of Athens
Street People of Athens

Cheese market in Psiri
Naxos Cheese Market in Psiri

Snow on the Acropolis
Great Snowstorm of 2002

Mount Lykavettos, Athens
The View from Lykavettos

Greece 4 Kids
Greece 4 Kidz

Traveling with Children

Grave in Athens cemetery
The 1st Cemetery

Karagiozis Puppet Theater

Art and Artists

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