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Shopping on Ermou and Eolou Streets

Shopping in Athens is not like going to a mall in America or to some soul-less shopping center. It is an experience that is enriching. You will come in contact with many different types of people because of the large number of immigrants and refugees who have been welcomed to Greece to begin new lives. Shopping in downtown Athens is more than just going to buy things. If you keep your eyes open and watch and listen you will find it is much more entertaining than a trip to Walmarts. Below are some pictures I have taken during my wanderings through Ermou and Eolou streets with special attention to what is happening on the streets and not so much what is in the shops.

Where else can you find hand-made baby booties sold by the very hands that made them?  In this case a woman from Russia.

These are actually angels in disguise who have come down to check out the handiwork in one of the icon shops on Eolou Street

"This amazing device turns an ordinary zuchini into a stuffed kolikithia."

"No kitchen is complete without it."

Hot Salepi warms the soul. It tastes kinda like kudzu.

Spiliopoulos Shoes on Ermou:
So many choices for men and women!
Handbags and belts too.

You have never tasted chestnuts so good 
as those sold in Athens on the street.

Silk ties and scarves from Persia, sold by real Persians.

Street dancing refugee children on Ermou

"But if we want to make money we have to do this right"

"See! What'd I tell you?"

Some of the street musicians are so good they would be famous in any other country.
street music-Athens
 In some cases maybe one day they will be.

Olympico Jewelry


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