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Rain in Athens

Rain in AthensCan rain ruin a vacation? Of course. If you have planned on going to a Greek island and basking in the hot Mediterranean sun and you get nothing but clouds and downpour of biblical proportions you may leave feeling slightly dis-satisfied. But if you are in Athens and you have an umbrella, the rain can be an eye-opener. A time for reflection, reading relaxing and learning what it feels like to not have to be somewhere or do something. While I wander around Athens I always have my eyes open for nice places to hang out. Cafeneons, ouzeries, pastry shops. They are everywhere and when that rare rain does fall I welcome it. I can sit in a cafeneon, read my paper, write in my journal, reflect and become aware of my surroundings. Yes, it's easy to feel trapped as if the rain is keeping us from doing something we should be doing, but this is a vacation. The only thing you need to be doing is relaxing and the rain can become a tool that enables you to slow down. Many people who come to Greece become caught up in the pace of doing. Go to the Acropolis, visit the Agora, hit the museums, Athens by night. Their vacation is a continuation of the hectic pace they follow in America. That's not what you are here for. Relax. Let it rain. It's so rare why not enjoy it?

Anyway it should be sunny from 90 to 100% of the time you are in Greece so don't even worry about it. And if you are walking around and it starts raining, don't worry either. As if by magic, immigrants will suddenly appear to sell you an umbrella, and all you have to do is decide on the color and design before you get soaking wet.

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