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Athens: Psiri Photos

Psiri is the old leather district that has been designated the next 'cool' area of Athens or at least it was until Gazi came along and became the next Psiri. Workshops and warehouses are moving out and their spaces are being taken over by restaurants, clubs cafes and bars. Because the streets are so small it is difficult to bring cars into the district and in the last couple years many of the existing streets have been turned into pedestrian walkways. In the next year or so even more of these streets will change over as people hopefully will be using the metro not only for going to work, but for going downtown at night.

In the evening Psiri is alive with people out for good food and conversation. In the day it is a working class area that gives no hint of what it is like at night. But on Sunday the restaurants and cafes are all open and Psiri is the place to be.

Athens, Greece: Psiri
Ouzerie Platia Iroon gets pretty busy on Sunday afternoon so come early
Athens, Greece: Psiri
Street musicians are everywhere
Athens, Greece: Psiri
This is Victor
Athens, Greece: Psiri
There is an endless parade of musicians who go from table to table....
Athens, Greece: Psiri
Some quite good....
Harry of Harry's Greece Travel Guide
Others merely a nuisance

Have you ever seen a more beautiful picture of a butcher shop?

This shop specializes in giant teddy bears

Gypsies sell flowers and can be quite persistant, especially if they sense a weakness of will

Beautiful women dressed in green give away free samples of Minerva Olive-oil

Agios Dimitrios gets a facelift

Street salesmen go from cafe to cafe 

If you need baskets this is the place

or flowers

or kitchen stuff

And if you can't find the perfect can, jug or container in this shop then it probably does not exist.

There is nothing like a shave from a barber in Greece

Or an espresso at the Sermpeti Cafe, famous for their apple pie, halvah and loukamades

Psiri may not be THE place to be but it is still a fun place to go. The Attalos Hotel is right around the corner on Athinas street an by staying there you will feel like you are part of the neighborhood. Remember that on Friday and Saturday nights, getting a table at one of the popular restaurants and ouzeries in Psiri is nearly impossible. The same goes for Sunday afternoon unless you get there early. See my Guide to Psiri as well as the section on Athens Nightlife and the Psiri Section in Restaurants. I also have a newer batch of Psiri photos in my 2013 Psiri Photo Album

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