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Greek Language Programs

These are some Greek language programs that I have used and enjoyed which will help you better understand what is going on around you in Greece. (Maybe.)

Learn Greek in 25 Years by Brian Church

Learn Greek in 25 YearsPerfect Greek by 2029. . . or your money back! (This offer doesn't apply to people who bought the book.)

Trying to learn Greek but finding it far too hard? Just arrived and wondering where your suitcase has gone? If you have tried, tried and tried again to learn Greek--and always failed miserably--then this is the book for you. In 25 humorous yet helpful lessons, Brian Church takes you through the minefields of modern Greek and gets blown up by every single one. Learn Greek in 25 Years helps the reader understand even less of this beautiful language. Each lesson ends with a helpful table of WORD I REALLY MUST LEARN THOUGH I KNOW I WON'T.

"Unique. The author openly admits he doesn't speak, write, read or even remotely recognise the language he's trying to teach. And yet, somehow, it works!"--Romol Gandolfo

"If you are feeling like a total loser because of your inability to grasp the modern Greek language then this book is for you. You may not speak Greek any better after reading it but you will be happy knowing you are not the only one having a hard time."--Matt Barrett

About the Author

A columnist with the Athens News, Church was born in England, in 1965, and came to Greece several years ago. The politics graduate plans to leave in 2023 when his now famous lessons, published every Wednesday, have finally finished.

This book is out of print but you can google it and find it somewhere or you can google Brian Church and maybe he can send you one.

Learn Greek offers a unique learning experience that cannot be found in conventional classrooms. Lessons focus on pronunciation and listening comprehension, so that you can start practicing what you learn from professional teachers. is not a generic package language learning course, such as some of the other big name language learning programs out there. Many other programs “scale” their solutions across several languages, simply recycling the same material over and over - the same pictures, the same conversations, just in a different language. But each language is unique, and at we pride ourselves on developing a system that’s only about the Greek language and Greek culture! - The Fastest Way to Learn Greek Guaranteed

Greek Language ProgramThe Read and Speak Greek CD-Rom program by Dr. George Balanis and his wife Toula is a fun way to learn. I bought it for my 6-year old daughter and I use it as well. I have recommended this to many people.  It's like taking years of Greek classes. Easy to use. If you know some Greek but want to fill in the gaps this is a great way to jumpstart your language skills and if you are just a beginner this is a great way to begin. Click on pictures, words and phrases and the program speaks to you in Greek. Lots of vocabulary and grammar lessons too.

For more information on his programs for learning Greek visit

I Learn Greek language programYou can use this website to help you learn Greek for your trip. It can be used as a reference guide for those of you who are already taking Greek classes, or as a simplified course for those who want to start with the basics. Steve Aronis has put a lot of work into his site and everytime I look it gets better and better. Steve created this site for everyone that wants to learn the modern Greek language on the internet. He has included complete simplified grammar and tests. I Learn also has a Vocabulary directory that contains more than 3000 words and phrases complete with phonetics translation and some of them sound!

The Modern Greek Language Series by Matina Psyhogeos has grown out of the need for a comprehensive Beginning through Intermediate-Advanced course for the student of the Greek language. The strict criterion is that techniques and principles of this curriculum are presented simply and methodically. The Psyhogeos Program has been tested and applied extensively in high schools and colleges and was presented, by its developer - the highly regarded educator - in many conferences, seminars and workshops in the US and other English-speaking countries with excellent results. It offers a variety of books for the study of the Greek language by the student at home or under the supervision of an instructor when the student is very young. (However I started on this program when I was 48 and I think it is great-Matt)
For more info see

For Greek language courses in Athens and on the islands visit

Matt's Helpful Greek Words and Phrases

(italics are accented syllables)

  • Hello: ya -sou
  • Yes: neh
  • No: oh -khe
  • Please and You are welcome: pah-rah-kah- low
  • Thank-you: ef-khar-ee- stow
  • How are You?: Tee-kah -nees
  • Fine: kah-la
  • What is your name?: pos-seh- leh-neh
  • My name is....: meh-leh -neh......
  • I'm from..(America): ee -meh ap -oh....(Am-eh-ree- kee)
  • I don't understand Greek: then cat-ah-la- ven-oh eh-len-ee- kah
  • Do you speak English?: Mee-las ang-lee- ka
  • Goodbye: ya -sou (or ah-dee -oh)
  • Where is: poo ee -neh
  • how much: pos -oh kah -nee
  • It's too much: ee-neh po-lee
  • food: fag-ee- toh
  • water: neh-row
  • bank: trap -ez-ah
  • post office: tach-ee-dro- mee-oh
  • restaurant: es-ti-ah- tor-ion
  • hotel: ksen-oh-tho- khee -on
  • breakfast: proy-ee- no
  • bus: lay-oh-for- ee-oh
  • toilet: toy- let -tah
  • beach: par-ee- lee -ah
  • harbor: lee- man -ee
  • I would like a ticket for...: thell -oh eh -na iss-ee- tee-ree-oh yah... 

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