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Taxi Service, Airport and Ferry Transfers, Tours to Delphi, Meteora, Olympia, and more

George the Famous Taxi Driver, Athens, Greecegeorge the famous taxi driver, athens, greecegeorge the famous taxi driver, athens greece

When you go to Athens, what could be better then knowing that you have someone waiting for you at the airport to help you with your bags and take you to your hotel, that speaks fluent English and whose primary concern is your comfort? When you arrive after a 10 hour flight the last thing you want to do is stand outside the terminal, trying to flag down a cab and hope he understands you and knows where it is you are trying to go. You can eliminate the intangibles by contacting George The Famous Taxi Driver of Athens, Greece who has become one of the most popular personalities in the world of travel. George and his taxi have provided reliable and courteous service to thousands of visitors to Greece from the famous to your own next-door neighbor. There are lots of taxi drivers in Athens but there is only one George the Famous Taxi Driver and the only one endorsed by Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides.

Besides airport transfers George and his taxi are also available for:

  • Trips around the mainland: George is a wonderful host and translator and will make your experience in Greece a remarkable one. Imagine a trip to Delphi, Epidavros, Sounion, Evia, Myceneae and rather then sitting on a big tour bus you are cruising in an air-conditioned Mercedes taxi. You will be able to stop at quiet seaside tavernas, remote beaches where and when you want to.
  • Shopping trips around Athens: Athens by Night or to take you from one Archeological site to the next, saving you time and wear and tear on your feet.
  • To the ancestral village: perhaps you are going back to find your roots and need a translator as well as transportation.
  • Business Trips: Maybe you are a businessman who wants to use his time efficiently or a traveler who wants to experience Athens with a knowledgeable friend.
  • Making Connections: Got a 6am flight, cruise or ferry and want to make sure you are on it? Leave it to George.
  • Arriving by Ferry: Imagine how you will feel knowing that George is waiting for you.
  • Got a connecting flight and a few hours to spare? Let George help you make the best of your time in Greece even if it is just a few hours.
  • Traveling with an Infant? George provides a car seat.

NEW! Limousine Service: George has a new Mercedes 8 seater limo for larger groups or people who want to arrive or see Greece in style driven by his son Dennis. See Dennis Kokkotos Limousine Service

For larger groups George now has a small bus driven by his son Billy. See Billy's Athens Bus Tours

Visit George's new website at

Whatever your needs are, George will provide reliable service. And with his beautiful Mercedes taxi (or the new limo) you will be traveling in affordable luxury.


TAXI RESERVATIONS (UP TO 4 PEOPLE) : 693-2205887 (cell phone) .* Please check operation hours
VAN/MINI-BUS RESERVATIONS : 693-2205887 (cell phone) . *Please check operation hours

OPERATION HOURS : Please mind the time difference between your city and Athens. You may send an e-mail anytime however please only call between 8am till 10pm (Greece time) so we can get some sleep. In case you already have a reservation and need to reach us urgently,please use the numbers that have been given to you on your confirmation letter.

Calling Greece
From the USA: dial first 01130 followed by the 10 digit number.
From Europe: 0030 followed by the 10 digit number

Within Greece dial the number as show in the Contact Numbers
or e-mail him at

George and his Mercedes Taxi in Athens, Greece

Reviews for George and his Team

"George took us to this great little Greek taverna on the road to the Temple of Poseidon for lunch. It was great food with a sensational backdrop! All in all, it was a delightful day. The women will never stop talking about George! I will certainly recommend him to anyone headed for Greece. Thanks" -RH

"George was a great guide.  I hired him for many transfers and two full day excursions!  He told me to tell you hi and asked about your book.
Thanks again" -BB

  "I called George, referenced your home page, and, fortunately, he was available.  He came over two hours later and took us around Athens for about three hours.  He agreed to meet us at the hotel the next morning and we took an all day tour to Corinth and several ancient sites in that portion of the mainland.   Since we had to return to the ferry on the evening of the second day, traveling around with George with our luggage in his trunk of his air-conditioned Taxi was great!  As you stated in your home page, it is cheaper to use George than a tour bus.  Besides, George is a pleasure to be with and we truly want to thank you for your home page information." -JS

"George met up with us early the following day, and we set out to tour the mainland.  The Corinthian Canal, Ancient Corinth, Ancient Mycenae, Naphlion and finally to the Theatre at Epidaurus.  Quite a day.  George generously provided ice water, cold apples, and on the route home introduced us to fresh figs which he picked from a roadside tree.  We arrived back in Athens, the end of a great day.
    One more day in Athens, mostly window shopping and a walk through the park before preparing for an early rise and sail to Sifnos.  Aliki  arranged our hydrofoil passage and George made sure we arrived on time.  He secured our boarding passes, toted our bags and before long were on route to places unknown." -SL

"George was everything you'd said he would be, and MORE! He was right there on the pier, as he said he would be. He whisked us off to the Acropolis before it got too hot and -- most importantly -- before any tour busses got there." -RH

Dear Matt

Having just come back from 2 weeks in Greece I feel like I know you since it was your guide that helped make this one of our best vacations ever.

First of all there was George the Taxi Driver.  He was outstanding and I hope you will pass this on to him.  We spent 3 days with George one in the Peloponnese and 2 in Delphi and Meteora.  By the end of 3 days I felt like I was saying goodbye to a member of my own family.  He was very knowledgeable and gave us an insight into the Greek culture that you just can't get from tour books and huge bus tours.  Plus he knows the best place to stay in Meteora!!  Not some chain hotel in town but a wonderful spic n' span clean inn in the mountains called Arsenis.  When I walked out onto our balcony the mountain view was so beautiful I wanted to sing out a chorus from the Sound of Music!  By the way, no one should go to Greece without Meteora on their tour.  In all our travels I have never experienced any natural beauty like it not to mention the spiritual aspect.

Thanks again for all your recommendations!  We cannot wait till we return to Greece with all its beauty, history and warm and friendly people!!

Charlene Carbone

George was VERY kind to me and the other 3 people who were with us.  He spoke very good English (he drove a cab in NYC for years).  All Greeks can be short at times, but George was very polite and courteous.  He treated us like royalty.

After my first full day with George, I decided to use him a second day. 

Because he was such a good driver and because his fee was very reasonable, we tipped him extra, and I still feel like I should have gave him a bigger tip.  In fact I purchased him a Christmas present that I haven't sent yet.

George was very concerned about our comfort and safety.  He had a wonderful newer car with GREAT air-conditioning.  He insisted that I not touch any of my bags.  He let me spend many minutes (long distance I add) on his cellular phone.  He did not charge me for this.

I have traveled around the world and use personal tour guides often.  George is the best I have ever had.  He made sure we always had water and would bring food for us to munch on.  He always arrived early to be sure his windows were clean.

I found George to be reasonable and a very kind driver.

(From AOL Greece Bulletin Board)

Let me tell you about George!  We just got back from two days in Athens and a week in Crete.  We had originally contract George Kokkotos, VIP Taxi Service, to have him take the three of us to Delphi and back on Sunday April 11.  We had already been to Athens' other main sights, all the Delphi sightseeing tours were overnight trips, and we had only one full day to play with.  So we decided to splurge on a private tour, and reserved George well in advance.

As we got closer, George found out that Delphi would be closed that day for Greek Easter Sunday, as would everything else and sent us the most amazing invitation: he asked us to spend the day, Easter Sunday, as his guest, with his family. Of course, we were thrilled and accepted with great pleasure.

From the moment he met us at the airport with our names on a sign, to the minute we said good-by-until-next-time, we were welcomed as if we were family. It was as if we had all been friends for years. His whole extended family, and even some neighbors, made us feel more than just welcome, they made us really feel happy to be there. George and his lovely wife, lived in New York for some years, so they speak good English, as do his three handsome sons. We sat around swapping stories, from one in the afternoon until eleven at night, and if we hadn't had to catch a plane the next morning for Crete, we would probably still be there.

We're going to stay in touch and will surely get together again. The day with George set the tone for our continuing trip to Crete, where the magic continued and we have memories that the three of us will never forget. A fantastic, safe, staggeringly beautiful visit to Greece.MT

George, the best taxi in Athens, was the best. He was not able to meet our flight, but he sent Toni, who was delightful. George took us on a tour of Athens on Tuesday and then took us to Voulagmeni, where Kate was staying. We then had dinner in Glyfada. Toni again took us to the airport at 6:30am on Wed for out flight to Santorini.

Mr. Barrett,

My wife and I just returned from a week in the Greek islands plus a whirlwind two day tour of Athens. Your survival guide was extraordinarily accurate and useful. In particular the gold jewelry store you recommended, Byzantium, was clearly the best and the Taxi driver, George, and his associate Nick, the VERY BEST! He attended to us continuously during our stay and he gives one faith that there are really intelligent honest and enthusiastic people in this world who take pride in their job and their country. He is the greatest ambassador that Greece and the Greek people have. As a result, I recommended him to friends for the following week. In spite of the city being on strike, he managed to pick them up at the airport at 12:00 am (the plane from Los was 2 hours late) take them to a hotel for a short sleep and then return them to the airport at 4:00 am. In confusion my friend over-paid the driver, Chris, by a factor of three. The driver stopped the car went back into the airport found my friend in line and returned the money. Find me another big city international airport where this would happen; I can not think of one. In the Eastern USA you are lucky if the cab drivers speak English much less know where they are going.

I give you, George and his team, full credit for making our trip to Athens one that I will always remember with a warm spot in my heart.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for George and your Survival Guide.

With best wishes, many thanks, and if you would, please forward this to George.

Henry S. Reeder

Dear George, We wanted to write to you to tell you thank you so much for your taxi services! You and your crew were wonderful. We met the "other" George and think he is wonderful. He said to write you if we wanted to book a boat cruise with you next year in June. How much would it be if we had four of us on a boat with a captain? We are thinking for two weeks next June and of course we would want you for meeting us in Athens and taking us to the boat! You are the best and we will tell everyone about you! Thanks for everything...Ron and Anneke Schieberl

Keep in mind that George and his sons are not licensed tour guides nor are any other private taxi drivers. That means by law they can not take you into the sites and give you a guided tour. They can tell you everything they know about the sites up until you enter the site but Greek archaeoligical sites and museums are very strict about using only licensed guides within the sites themselves. They can arrange for you to have a guide if you think it is necessary for you to have a full understanding of what you are seeing and there are guides available at most of the sites that you can hire.

For lots more reviews for George see

e-mail him at

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