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News and Scores in Athens

Need your news fix? Can't drink your morning coffee without a paper? This page will be useful if you are a complete luddite. For those of you who use current technology there are some Greek news sources you may not be familiar with.

English Language Newspapers

Reading the Athens NewsMany kiosks around the center carry the International NY Times which is in English and comes out daily except Sunday. It has a section of the Greek daily newspaper Kathimerini which will give you all the local news and also some information that may be useful to travelers including the ferry schedules, though by the time you get the paper most of the boats will have already left. Sadly the other English language papers like my old favorite, the Athens News, did not survive the economic crisis. Some of them have put together internet news sites which they run sort of like they ran their papers, publishing the news that benefits whatever political party the owner backs. Anyway, don't worry about any of this stuff because much of Athens is wireless now so you can just sit down in your favorite cafe, order a coffee, pull out your iphone or whatever you have, and read the news just like you would at home. It is funny when I think of it but I used to walk miles to find a paper with the baseball scores. Now I can watch the games on my laptop or iphone, as long as I don't mind staying up all night.

News On the Web

John Psaropoulos, New AthenianThere were some brilliant writers that the Athens News either fired or somehow let slip out of their fingers. John Psaropoulos was the editor who kept the ship afloat for a dozen years and even found new owners when the former owners just wanted to close the paper. His reward was a few months at the helm for the new owners and then a parting of ways which has never been explained. But you can keep up with John's view of what is going on in Greece and in the region at The New Athenian. Also the English version of the Kathimerini changes daily and in times of change hourly sometimes and also contains some terrific columnists who can give you a clear perspective of what is going on socially/politically in Greece, and if they don't fill in all the blanks for you the people who comment on their commentaries may. Another good webpage for news about Greece and about Greeks around the world is Greek Reporter that started on the grounds of California State University Northridge by a student, Anastasios Papapostolou. The most recent addition to getting the news from Greece in English is Eleftherotypia's E-net which features John Psaropoulos and former writers from the Athens News.

Athens Living News

Corinne Chandler-AthensLiving NewsFor those who are looking for the news in English in a familiar television format, Corinne Chandler has begun reporting the weekly news on her Athens Living website. While many travelers who get their news from CNN and other major outlets may get the impression that Greece is a land of heavily armed riot police and molotav cocktails (since obviously this is the news that sells), Corinne's news report is a rundown of political, economic and cultural news from Athens and usually contains an upbeat human interest story or two. She also lists some local events and as time goes on I am sure her reports will grow and perhaps go daily. But for now you can get a snapshot of what is going on in Greece right now at

Information for X-Pats in Athens

x-pat athens is an English language news, social and information website for the International community of Athens and visitors to the City. Updated every day the website provides daily news, a current updated dining guide, extensive up to date events listing, community events and occasions, English weekly movie listings, cultural and entertainment information, a free classified service, free singles service, forum and much more. In addition to this comprehensive website, also send out a popular weekly newsletter keeping all subscribers up to date with all current news and events in the City. Probably the most valuable site for foreigners living in Greece and even people visiting Athens is Living in Greece which is a practical guide to living, working and surviving in Athens, written by an American woman named Kat. Currently I would say her page on Strikes in Greece is essential reading for anyone going to Greece and not using a travel agent. The work the mysterious Kat has put into this site and continues to put into it is mind-boggling.

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