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Alexia Amvrazi and Adrian Vrettos:
Journalists in Athens, Greece

Alexia Amvrazi and Adrian Vrettos are two writers living in Athens Greece. Their views on modern living in this ancient land are fun to read and don't just make you want to visit there, they make you want to live there.

Alexia Amvrazi

Usually preferring to play deaf when asked exactly where she’s from, Rome-born Greek-American, ¼ Albanian Alexia Amvrazi has been living in Greece for quite some time after childhood in Italy and Egypt and four years of university media studies in England . Following a three-year stint at the Athens News running the Sunday Lifestyle section and singing the daily news to disgruntled colleagues, she has been working as a freelance journalist for several English-language publications and websites whilst working as assistant manager at a PR firm. Over the years, except for honing in on her psychic powers and dabbling with alternative therapies, Alexia has been trying to get a record deal with her band, Lois Lane, in which she is the lead singer, poster-designer and co-songwriter, in the hope that it will help her give up her terrible smoking habit. A lover of sensual delights, she and two other Diaspora Girls are currently cooking up a steamily aromatic treat in the form of a feature film exploring the questions they are irked with almost daily, such as ‘Where is it better?’ And ‘Why do you have a foreignaccent?’

Alexia also hosts her own blog: I'M VERY WELL, THANK YOU! Perfect getaways, amazing therapists, health products, all-round WELLBEING…in Greece & beyond!

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Adrian Vrettos
Adrian Vrettos, reflexologist and writer is currently residing in Athens. Born in London he endured 25 rain-drenched years where he studied philosophy at Hertfordshire University. Failing dismally, even to spell the word Neat Che he picked up the baton and sprinted to Wales, where he studied archaeology, a word he can finally spell after three years of intensive study. With a broad experience in time travel (traveling anywhere in Greece takes time), Adrian is now in the process of finishing his first novel, Modern Ancient Greeks, some censored versions of which you can read here (Publisher interest welcome). He abandoned well-mannered British etiquette to rough it up – after the years of muddy rugby playing in English and Welsh fields - for long periods of time in a variety of Greece’s splendid power spots. A firm believer that music is the food of love, Adrian has a feast with his band Lois Lane, in which he plays the bass, guitar and sings several songs, many of which were conceived in his very heart. Ahhhhh!

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From My Toes to My Head: Reflexology
The Island of Alonissos 

E-mail Alexia at and Adrian at

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