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Ancient History & Philosophy Workshops in Athens

Become an ancient Greek in Athens!
Combine your visit to famous archaeological sites of Athens with authentic, highly interactive, thematic workshops and events, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your body, mind and soul with these unique workshops

Philosophy Tour of Athens

Philosophy Experiential Workshop at Plato’s Academy and Digital Museum

PHILOSOPHIZE LIKE AN ANCIENT GREEK, during a highly interactive outdoor workshop for beginners, reviving the theories of Socrates and Plato , under the guidance of a professional, in the park WHERE THE WORLD’S 1ST ACADEMY WAS FOUNDED. No previous knowledge is required. Immerse yourself in ancient Greek philosophy, REVIVING THE AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE, sitting on the ruins of the ancient buildings. Become one of Plato’s students, through joyful activities such as DIALOGUES, DEBATES, ROLE-PLAYS AND TEAM GAMES. Small groups guarantee the highest interaction level. This non-formal education-quest is suitable for anyone over the age of 16. No previous academic or other experience is required. In fact, each participant brings his own curiosity, experiences, skills, views, and interests, and builds his own path of spiritual and mental recreation, by exchanging ideas and information. Our facilitator provides the necessary guidance and stimulation during the whole session, bringing to light the potential of everyone.


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Aristotle Philosophy Tour

Self Enlighting Journey with Aristotle’s Guidance

Join a productive and joyful philosophical journey towards self-excellence, through exploration of the Aristotelian theory on how to behave and live; probably the longest lived and most widely accepted theory of the western world. Walk on the footsteps of Aristotle’s students, in his School, Lyceum, in the center of Athens. Led by a Philosophy studies facilitator, this experience is a philosophy workshop for beginners, a practical “manual” on how to be virtuous in your daily life, applying the Golden Mean rule, while interacting with other people successfully.

We will meet at the exit of Evangelismos metro station and settle at the adjusted Rizari Park, under shaded trees. In order to introduce ourselves with the great teacher, we will shortly discuss about the historical background, focusing on the chain Socrates teacher of Plato teacher of Aristotle. At this point you will also have the opportunity to read some of Aristotle’s phrases aloud, in ancient Greek, using our special reading cards!

Then it’s time to explore the Aristotelian Ethics theory, as it is described in his book “Nicomachean Ethics”, starting with the key element: Virtues. We will approach their definition via brainstorming followed by a descriptive team game.

Afterwards, we will leave the Park and move towards the nearby archaeological site of Lyceum, Aristotle’s School. During our 10minute walk we will talk about Aristotle’s work, and about Lyceum’s creation and operation.

After entering Lyceum, we will philosophize while walking around the building remains, same as the Aristotle’s students used to do; this was the reason why they took the name "Peripatitiki philosophers" (Peripatos=walk). We will discuss about the Golden Mean, and how it is applied in Aristotle’s theory. Our walk will lead us to the small Amphitheater with direct view of the excavations. There, our facilitator will use help us self-discover the vices of the virtues, and then examine them through example cases taken from our daily life.

We will close our workshop discussing how the Aristotelian theory can help us achieve Eudaimonia, the ultimate human goal.

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Democracy Tour

History & Democracy in Classical Athens

Discover the bright but also the dark side of the Athenian government on Pnyx, the inspired location which hosted the Athenian public assemblies, THE EARLIEST AND MOST IMPORTANT SITE IN THE CREATION OF DEMOCRACY. Outdoors, on a quiet hill in the heart of Athens, with direct view of the Acropolis, next to the carved steps of the speaker's platform, under shaded trees, revive THE AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE OF SPEAKING AND VOTING ON THE CITY MATTERS and LEARN ALL ABOUT THE HISTORY AND THE EVERYDAY LIFE of the city state that shaped the western world as we know it.

Small groups guarantee the HIGHEST INTERACTION LEVEL. This non-formal education workshop is suitable for anyone over the age of 16. Our expert facilitator will provide the necessary information, guidance and stimulation during the whole session, so that each participant is equally involved in the process via JOYFUL INTERPLAY ACTIVITIES.

Extra Bonus! Our workshop takes place inside the archeological site of Pnyx (free 24 hour admission) located ON THE FILOPAPPOS HILL, A quiet PLACE FULL OF OLIVE AND PINE TREES, with the best view of the Acropolis and the Ancient agora, the perfect location to TAKE PICTURES WITH THE PARTHENON TEMPLE IN THE BACKGROUND! On the same hill is also the Observatory, the Doras Stratos Theater, the Philopappou Monument, the Church of St. Demetrius, the Socrates prison, ruins of the ancient wall of Athens, as well as the traces of a major ancient road linking Athens with the port of Piraeus, right through the ruins of the ancient municipality of Meliti. A great opportunity to make a SELF-discovering walk through history, BEFORE or AFTER our workshop.

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Ancient Tireme tour

Row on an Ancient Greek Trireme and experience its glorious Naval History

As hands-on as it gets! BECOME AN ANCIENT GREEK SEAMAN ABOARD WORLD’S ONLY TRIREME! Gain a lifelong memory and learn all about its Naval History becoming a part of it!  Combine your visit to Athens with this unique opportunity to row and maneuver the only trireme in existence, the most formidable warship in the Mediterranean during the classical period of Greece. Immerse in the Ancient Greek Naval History both as scholar and a deck-hand on this amazing 170-rows vessel. Ancient Greek Naval battle tactics amongst other topics will complete your lifetime memory; prior to joining dozens of other would-be ancient-Greek-rowers. Small groups of 10 people maximum and our professional expert (Naval History Researcher, writer of the book “Τrireme, Τactics and Operational Environment in Ancient Greece” guarantee you the highest knowledge fulfillment.

This workshop lasts approximately 3 hours, including the trireme-row and is suitable for anyone between the age of 18 and 75. No previous academic or other experience is required. However, as this experience involves physical activity, a reasonable fitness level applies.

This experience takes place at the Floating Naval Museum of Athens, where you can see and visit several historical ships, amongst them the Battleship Averof, served as Greece’s flagship during most of the first half of the 20th century and being in fact an armoured cruiser, the only ship of this type still in existence. Moreover the Museum is right next to the Flisvos Marina, where you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean esplanade along with luxury yachts, lined with many fine dining and shopping venues.

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Ancient Greek Theater

Create Your Own Tragedy, Ancient Greek Theater Workshop, with Acropolis view

Explore the aspects of the ancient greek theater, with this alternative interactive theater workshop, led by an Arts professional, in the center of Athens, with direct view of the Acropolis hill. Learn about the theater in classical Athens, write and perform your own tragedy (in English) and make your own theater mask. An exciting experience reviving the ancient Greek drama in the footsteps of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. Including breakfast (30min before the workshop) or meal (any time after the workshop, within the same day, until 9 PM).
Write and perform your part of a play in English, following the original way and structure of the ancient greek plays, at the birthplace of Theatrical Arts.
Experience and learn all about the ancient Greek Drama and Theatre in the era they flourished at.
Make you own theater mask, and take it with you as commemorative of the experience.
Redefine your understanding of Arts as a mental and spiritual recreation process, exactly as the ancient Athenians perceived it.
Enjoy your breakfast or meal at the area of Thissio, with direct view of the Acropolis hill, just 8min walking from the site entrance.

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Ancient Greek Pottery

Ancient Greek Pottery Private Hands On Experience, at your place

Enjoy a pottery role-play workshop at the convenience of your own place!

''Become a potter-slave working under the guidance of Brygos, a famous ancient Greek ceramist of 5th century BC. Poet Agathon is going to celebrate his latest victory in Linea contest with a symposium. Brygos (your master) studio will craft the exclusive drinking cups (cylix), one for each honorable guest. The order finds you extra motivated. First, it is a great honor; famous men of Athens to use a cup made by your own hands. Second, an amazing prize is offered by Brygos; The slave who creates the best cylix will gain his freedom. You are determined to win!''

This is a hands on experience for small groups and families. We will start with an introduction to the Ancient Greek Pottery History, starting from 3000b.C, till the times of Classical Greece. Then, under our instructions, you will use Terracotta Clay and Wooden Tools to create your own cylix (ancient Greek drinking cup), and of course you will take it with you as unique commemorative of the experience. In the end, we shall vote for the best cylix! There will also be time for photos.

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