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I should have created this page a long time ago but it was one of those tasks that I always put off because it seemed uninteresting.(It was) But if you are visiting Athens, Greece these are some things you may want to know and rather than make people search all over the web to find it I have decided to get it myself from the various organizations and put it all together in one convenient location. The ones that are in bold are the ones you may find most valuable. See Also: Schools in Greece, Internet and Phones, Shopping, Ferries, Greek Jewelry

Greek Government

Credit Cards & Travelers Checks

Greek Time

Health Care in Greece


Churches in Athens

Greek Tourism Statistics

Embassies in Athens

Population of Greece

Money: The Euro

Public Holidays

Crime in Greece

Religion in Greece

The Greek Economy


Tourist Police

Community Organizations


Athens Public Transport

Bicycles in Greece

Greek Language




Animals & Environment

Theaters & Concert Halls

Hospitals & Clinics
in Greece

Starting a Business

Athens Store Hours

Taxi Fares

Bus Schedules:
Terminal A

Bus Schedules:
Terminal B

International Ferries

Trains and Discount Cards

Northern Greece and Evia Train Schedule

Suburban Railway  and Peloponessos Schedule

 American Women's Organization of Greece

International Calling Cards

Athens Suburban Buses

Greek Island Ferry Schedules

Athens Airport

Athens News
Thanks to the Athens News: The Best English language paper in Greece for some of the information contained in this section. Too bad they went out of business.

Buying Prescription Drugs

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