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New Bus, Metro, Tram and Suburban Rail Ticket Information

In November of 2017 the Athens Transport system went from paper to electronic tickets or paper and plastic smart cards.

The Athena Ticket is a paper ticket that can be used for anything from a 90 minute ticket to a 5 day ticket and is rechargable. You can buy it at any metro station or ticket office as well as in the automatic ticket machines.

The so called Anonymous Athina Card is a plastic card that can be charged and recharged and used for anything from a single 90 minute ticket to a 5 day ticket. For tourists this is of interest because it can be used for airport transfers on the metro and the buses and also for the 3-day tourist ticket (which includes airport transfers). It can be bought only from Athens Transport ticket offices (in every metro station). It can be recharged at the Athens Transport Ticket offices as well as the automatic ticket issuing machines.

The Personal Athina Card is more for people who live in Athens or spend a lot of time here and is a plastic card with your photo on it and is good for anything from a 90 minute ticket to a one year ticket. Of course to get it you have to go to an Athens Transport Ticket office with your Greek ID card or if you are a foreigner with your passport.

Once you buy your ticket card you just show it to the scanner on the machine and it subtracts the price of your journey from the card.

If you are coming to Greece for 3 days then it is probably worth getting the 3-day tourist ticket unless you plan to take a taxi to and from the airport or if your travel agency is providing transfers. If that is the case and if you are staying in the Plaka, Syntagma, Makrianni-Koukaki, Monastiraki, Thission or Psiri where you can pretty much walk just about everywhere and you may not even use the metro or a bus.

Yes it sounds complicated but it isn't. If you are arriving in Athens and taking the metro or the bus just look for the OASA ticket booth or a machine and follow instructions. The people in the ticket booths speak English and they can explain it to you.

So how much do these tickets and cards cost? Well the 90 minute ticket costs 1.40 euros. The 24 hour ticket costs 4.5 euros and the 3-Day tourist ticket costs 22 euros. (The bus to and from the airport costs 6 euros and the metro to and from the airport costs 10 euros.)

Reduced Fare Tickets

Half Price tickets can be used by:
Children aged 7-12 regardless of nationality
Teenagers aged 13-18 regardless of nationality after showing their passport or ID card
Seniors over the age of 65 regardless of nationality after showing their passport or ID card
Students at public Greek universities and foreign students with an up-to-date ID from their school who are 24 or younger.
Members of Greek families with 4 children or more who have a special pass. (probably not you)

Free travel without a ticket is available for:
Children through the age of 6 regardless of nationality
Unemployed citizens of Greece, with a valid indentification card
Disabled persons who are citizens of Attica

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