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A Trip to the Argolis begins with the Corinth Canal.


Like the Acropolis of Athens, the ruins of Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth above look better in the winter than they do in the summer because everything is so green.


The ruins of Myceneae look more like Ireland then Greece. In the summer this spot would be crawling with tourists. In the winter it is empty except for an occasional school group from Europe.


Nafplio is almost empty of tourists. That makes it even better.


Winter in Greece sometimes seems more like a prelude to spring than an end to autumn. Grass and flowers poke through the cracks in the ancient theater of Epidavros.


The sea in greece is certainly no less beautiful in the winter and fishermen still have to make a living like this one in Old Epidavros. That also means you can still get fresh fish in the tavernas.

Chances are you won't have Cape Sounion all to yourself at sunset over Christmas, but you won't have to fight any crowds either. You certainly won't have any trouble getting a table at the fish taverns in the bay below.

The Athens Zoological Park is open year round and has the second biggest collection of birds in the world.



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