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Christmas in Athens Page 6


It can snow. It doesn't every often and when it does Athens is beautiful.


The last time it snowed like it did last winter was....well, never. The Blizzard of 2002 was the biggest snowstorm to ever hit Athens. Chances are good there won't be another in our lifetime but you never know these days.


Most likely it will be weather more like this, and yes, that blip in the sea is someone swimming in January. Not me, but I have gone swimming in Matala, Crete on New Year's Day.(It was freezing.)


You may have to explain to your kids why there are so many Santas and why they have tiny horses instead of reindeer.

The Vassiloptita is a cake that is eaten on New Years. There is a coin baked into the cake and whoever gets it in their slice will have good luck. Hopefully they will find it before they bite into it.

Tom Mazarakis holds up a new Euro after their introduction on January 1st 2002. Everyone in Athens had to buy calculators to do the conversions and there was a lot of confusion for awhile.


Any time of the year a trip to the Central market is entertaining and because it is covered it does not matter if it is raining or snowing.


For me (and Tom and Andrea) Christmas is a wonderful time to be in Athens.


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