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Kypseli: An International Neighborhood

Foibos Cafe Fokionos Negri, Kypseli

Most travelers to Greece have never set foot in Kypseli. Many Athenians have never been there and some who have lived here have not been back in years once they moved away as the ever expanding immigrant population began to fill the area. With a population density that has been rumoured to be the highest in the world, the perception of Kypseli by many Athenians is of a neighborhood that has lost its way. I disagree. Kypseli is alive and one of the most interesting places to live in Athens. Home to artists, musicians, poets, writers, chefs, actors, film makers and travel writers, even Rick Steves called it one of the best kept secrets in Athens.

kypseli, athens,greece
Introduction to Kypseli

Fokionos Negri, Kypseli, Athens, Greece
Fokionos Negri

kypseli, athens, Greece

H Folia tis Kypselis Taverna, Athens, Greece

Around Kypseli


kypseli architecture

Kypseli dog statue- Fokionos Negri
Kypseli Photo Album

kypseli farmer's market
Laiki Agora

Kypseli Comic
Kypseli Komix on Facebook

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Note: Tourists may want to visit in the daytime or not stray too far from Fokionos Negri at night if you are on your own, especially if you are a woman. Because of the current economy and the number of illegal immigrants in the area there are purse-snatchings and other petty crimes.

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