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Many people ask me what "Thiamis"- the name of my store-  means. Thiamis is the ancient name of a central river in Epirous. It is a word with great significance to me; the least I could do to honor my native land. Epirous may be the last part of Greece nowadays that someone can notice most of the people live and breathe following the customs of greek tradition. Calling her a living museum and an orchard of spirit is not an exaggeration. In reality a single visit in the beautiful Epirous is enough to make someone understand that this part of Greece gave birth and continues to give birth to people that truly love art and make a living out of it.

My name is Aristides Makos and my life is greatly influenced by my origin and my love for the greek tradition. Soon enough I realized that I had to love my profession in order to be happy. But life was not easy and due to the fact that my parents were not wealthy, I had to fight hard to make my goal real. I worked a lot, while in the evenings I attended lessons of byzantine hagiography. With patience and persistence and with God's help I had the chance to open a store in the center of Athens. .


My company was established in April, 1997 and since then people showed their interest in my creations. This is due to the fact that my creations- no matter the theme or the size- have been crafted only by human hand with care- like old times.

Now with the help of technology and internet, everyone has a chance to admire a small part of the rich Greek tradition. When you come to Athens Please stop by my shop. You can e-mail me for directions from your hotel if you like but it is easy to find at Asklipiou # 71, behind the University of Athens. My phone number is (01130) 210-3637993 and my e-mail is

I have a brand new shop on the island of Naxos so you can find me there too!






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