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Athens Local Buses

Be sure to pick up the Athens Public Transport Pocket Map at the airport. There is a stand when you arrive between the doors from baggage claim and the Cafeneon-cafe, but it is worth looking around for. If you are getting a taxi transfer from George the Famous Taxi Driver you can ask him to pick one up while he is waiting for you.

Athens Blue Bus Pireaus

Athens Local Blue Buses

These are the ones you see mostly and they go everywhere. Some are stretched out into two buses. You need to get your ticket in advance at one of the little ticket booths usually near a bus stop or at some of the peripteros (those kiosks that sell everything) and in the metro stations. When you get on the bus you stick your ticket in the little machine and it stamps it or with the new system it scans it. Hang on to your ticket because sometimes inspectors get on board and if you are not holding a currently stamped or scanned ticket they fine you. There are also Trolley buses which are generally yellow but can be painted in a variety of colors and covered with ads and I have written about them below. If you are an Air BnB user you will probably be using these buses unless your apartment is on a metro line.
See the new information on tickets and bus passes

The key buses for you are the airport buses that go to and from the airport between Syntagma Square, Pireaus and the Long Distance Bus Terminals and the buses from Akadamia like the E2 which goes to the sea at Voula, the E22 that goes along the coast all the way to Saronida where the beaches are clean, the A3  and B3 to Glyfada, where they aren't (
the tram is more fun anyway). You can also catch these buses on Amalias Ave across from the entrance to the National Gardens.

From Pireaus the A1  and E1 go to Voula. (E usually means express). The 040 goes from Pireaus to Syntagma and the 049 goes from Pireaus to Omonia.

Athens Yellow Electric Trolley Bus

The Athens Yellow Electric Trolleys

These are not always yellow but they are always trolleys and probably the only ones you need to know about are the 2,3,4,5,9,11,13 which go from the Vas Amalias entrance of the National Gardens to the National Archaeological Museum. Unless you are unable to, just walk. The  2, 4 and 9 go up to Kypselis. The 1 goes to Larissa Train Station. You can see where they go by looking up and if you see the electric trolley cables that means a yellow electric trolley comes down this street.

See the new information on tickets and bus passes

KTEL Attika Orange Bus

Orange Attika Buses

These are the buses that go outside of Athens to the surrounding area known as Attika. To get here just follow the directions to the Archaeological Museum and then keep going three more blocks until you see where Alexandras Ave connects with 28 October-Patission Street.
There is a little square called Platia Aigyptou and you will see them on Mavromaton street which borders the park. If you want you can take the metro to Platia Victoria and walk from there. It is an easy walk from Omonia and not so difficult from Syntagma and the Plaka unless you are dragging your luggage. It will cost around 4 euros by taxi. You can get schedules in the Practical Info Suburban Buses section but most anywhere these buses go you can also take a taxi, especially if you are sharing the cost with family and friends. Same goes for the local blue buses if you are going to the beach. All the above trolleys that go to the National Museum pass within a block of the bus terminal and the 2, 4 and 9 stop right at it. You can catch most of them on Amalias Ave in front of the National Gardens (your back will be to the park or else you are going in the wrong direction).

Athens Bus Tour

Hop-On and Hop-Off Tour Buses

There are at least 2 companies running these tours on open roof double decker buses. You pay a certain amount for a 24 hour pass and the buses go to all the important places any tourist would want to see in Athens and even Pireaus. There are stops for them in Syntagma and actually just about every important square or street in downtown Athens and you buy your ticket and get on the bus.

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