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Athens Guide: Olive Shop Tour

Greek Olives

Who doesn't love Greek olives? Well, OK. Lots of people don't. But I do and the Greeks do and if you are reading this page you probably love Greek olives too. These photos were taken at a small shop in the middle of the Athens Central Market owned by Sabbas Psychogios. Olives come from the olive tree of course and are pretty inedible until they have been through a long process of pickling and flavoring. Each area of Greece has a different way of doing their olives and that is why there is a variety.

This is Adrian who has been working in the shop for a number of years.

The shop specializes in Olives from all over Greece.

These are from Amfissa



More Agriniou


Mrs Psychogios

Stuffed baby eggplant

Dried from Amfissa



Gardiniera: pickled vegetables

Tarama-fish roe



Grape leaves

Olive shops also carry a variety of pickled, dried and canned fish...

Skoumbri (Mackeral)

Canned Lakerda (Tuna)

Smoked Herring-Rigas

Adrian gives my friend Peter a smoked herring in gratitude for promising to make him famous on the internet.

Some people say Halvah is the
world's best desert

If you are in the agora be sure to stop in.
They are in the section of the meat market closest to Omonia square.

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