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Athens Airport Bus Map

This map comes from the Athens Transportation Map that you can usually find at the airport when you arrive. In fact they have a bunch of different maps (unless they have run out of money and can't print them). Try to find one if you can. Most hotels will have maps that include the metro.

Athens Venizelos Airport Bus Map

Athens Airport Bus Information

From the airport just follow the signs to the bus. You can buy your ticket at or on the bus. For those who are staying on the Athens Coast, be sure to ask your hotel which stop to get off at. If you are staying by the beach you can also use the airport bus to get to the port of Pireaus to go to the islands. Unfortunately the X92 to Kifissia no longer runs nor does the X94 but that was redundant anyway. These buses run 24 hours which is great if you are staying on the bus line. If you are staying in central Athens that means even after midnight you can get to your hotel if you are within walking distance of Syntagma Square. But if you are staying near Omonia or the train station or even Monastiraki you may want to take a taxi from the airport or one from Syntagma. If you are staying in Makrianni you can probably walk if you have a map and a good idea of where your hotel is. For people getting off the bus in Syntagma be wary of people helping you with your bags or being extra friendly. They don't want your friendship or your gratitude, just your wallet. The X93 will take you to the bus stations and there are two of them so go to Practical Information to see the schedules. Don't go there late at night expecting to find a hotel. It's in a crummy area and one not known for its hotels. You can find hotels of all categories and prices at Athens Hotels

There is more information on my Athens Airport page and my Athens Coastal Tram page as well as the Athens Metro and Coastal Tram Map. There are more maps including restaurants and hotels on my Athens Maps page.  You can also book a taxi transfer with George the Famous Taxi Driver.

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