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Kypseli Photo-Art

These photos of the Athens neighborhood of Kypseli were taken with a Sony Cybershot combining two in-camera effects to give them their cartoon character. Click on the first photo and under each photo there are buttons to go forward, back or to return to this page. If you like this page please share it with your friends on Facebook and whatever social media you are currently addicted to. For questions or comments you can e-mail Matt

kypseli - 1 (1).jpg

kypseli - 1.jpg

kypseli - 10.jpg

kypseli - 11.jpg

kypseli - 12.jpg

kypseli - 13.jpg

kypseli - 14.jpg

kypseli - 15.jpg

kypseli - 16.jpg

kypseli - 17.jpg

kypseli - 18.jpg

kypseli - 19.jpg

kypseli - 2.jpg

kypseli - 20.jpg

kypseli - 21.jpg

kypseli - 22.jpg

kypseli - 23.jpg

kypseli - 24.jpg

kypseli - 25.jpg

kypseli - 26.jpg

kypseli - 27.jpg

kypseli - 28.jpg

kypseli - 29.jpg

kypseli - 3.jpg

kypseli - 30.jpg

kypseli - 31.jpg

kypseli - 32.jpg

kypseli - 33.jpg

kypseli - 34.jpg

kypseli - 35.jpg

kypseli - 36.jpg

kypseli - 37.jpg

kypseli - 38.jpg

kypseli - 39.jpg

kypseli - 4.jpg

kypseli - 40.jpg

kypseli - 41.jpg

kypseli - 42.jpg

kypseli - 43.jpg

kypseli - 44.jpg

kypseli - 45.jpg

kypseli - 46.jpg

kypseli - 47.jpg

kypseli - 48.jpg

kypseli - 49.jpg

kypseli - 5.jpg

kypseli - 50.jpg

kypseli - 51.jpg

kypseli - 52.jpg

kypseli - 53.jpg

kypseli - 54.jpg

kypseli - 55.jpg

kypseli - 56.jpg

kypseli - 57.jpg

kypseli - 58.jpg

kypseli - 59.jpg

kypseli - 6.jpg

kypseli - 60.jpg

kypseli - 61.jpg

kypseli - 7.jpg

kypseli - 8.jpg

kypseli - 9.jpg

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