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Kypseli Architecture

Kypseli HouseWhen most people think of Kypseli they think of rows of apartment buildings on narrow streets and people stacked on top of each other. But if you talk to an old person from Kypseli they will tell you of the days when it was full of single family houses, neo-classical mansions and tasteful art-deco apartment buildings and the streets were shaded by large trees, empty of cars and everyone knew their neighbors. If there is any part of Athens that represents the stupidity and the greed of the modern Athenians it is Kypseli, for what could have remained a beautiful neighborhood that people would have crossed oceans to visit is now an architectural embarrassment of ugly apartment buildings that people avoid. This photo album is a journey through what still exists of the old Kypseli buildings and gives an idea of what might have been had there been more of a love of esthetics and architectural design than a desire to make a quick drachma with poured concrete. It maybe inspire you to visit the neighborhood yourself and hopefully not destroy your own. Click on the photos to see them full size. When you finish click to return to Kypseli Index. If you like this page please share it on Facebook or whatever social media you are addicted to. And if you like my work please buy me one of these houses so I can live in it and continue.

DSC01056.jpg DSC01983.jpg DSC02487.jpg DSC02488.jpg DSC02520.jpg
DSC02536.jpg DSC02540.jpg DSC02541.jpg DSC02542.jpg DSC02543.jpg
DSC02544.jpg DSC02545.jpg DSC02546.jpg DSC02554.jpg DSC02557.jpg
DSC02559.jpg DSC02566.jpg DSC02567.jpg DSC02568.jpg DSC02570.jpg
DSC02573.jpg DSC02575.jpg DSC02577.jpg DSC02578.jpg DSC02579.jpg
DSC02580.jpg DSC02581.jpg DSC02582.jpg DSC02583.jpg DSC02584.jpg
DSC02585.jpg DSC02586.jpg DSC02588.jpg DSC02589.jpg DSC02590.jpg
DSC02596.jpg DSC02598.jpg DSC02599.jpg DSC02600.jpg DSC02604.jpg
DSC02606.jpg DSC02607.jpg DSC02608.jpg DSC02610.jpg DSC02613.jpg
DSC02616.jpg DSC02618.jpg DSC02619.jpg DSC02620.jpg DSC02621.jpg
DSC02623.jpg DSC02625.jpg DSC02629.jpg DSC02630.jpg DSC02633.jpg
DSC02638.jpg DSC02643.jpg DSC02644.jpg DSC02648.jpg DSC02652.jpg
DSC02653.jpg DSC02662.jpg DSC02664.jpg DSC02667.jpg DSC02676.jpg
DSC02679.jpg DSC02680.jpg DSC02681.jpg DSC02683.jpg DSC02685.jpg
DSC02686.jpg DSC02689.jpg DSC02692.jpg DSC02693.jpg DSC02694.jpg
DSC02697.jpg DSC02698.jpg DSC02699.jpg DSC02705.jpg DSC02706.jpg
DSC02707.jpg DSC02717.jpg DSC02732.jpg DSC02733.jpg DSC02745.jpg
DSC02746.jpg DSC02747.jpg DSC02760.jpg DSC02764.jpg DSC02765.jpg
DSC02766.jpg DSC02770.jpg DSC02772.jpg DSC02779.jpg DSC02784.jpg
DSC02786.jpg DSC02787.jpg DSC02789.jpg DSC02793.jpg DSC02795.jpg
DSC02798.jpg DSC02804.jpg DSC02805.jpg DSC02807.jpg DSC02811.jpg
DSC02813.jpg DSC02815.jpg DSC02817.jpg DSC02818.jpg DSC02819.jpg
DSC02851.jpg DSC02857.jpg DSC02861b.jpg DSC02862.jpg DSC02864.jpg
DSC02865.jpg DSC02866.jpg DSC02867.jpg DSC02872.jpg DSC02877.jpg
DSC02908.jpg DSC02909.jpg DSC02909a.jpg DSC02909b.jpg DSC02909c.jpg
DSC02909d.jpg DSC02909e.jpg DSC02909f.jpg DSC02910.jpg

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