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Kypseli Laiki Agora

Kypeli organic laiki agoraThe Laiki Agoras, or what we would call Farmer's Markets, of Kypseli are among the busiest and best in Athens. Farmers come from the countryside to sell their fruits, vegetables, eggs and other products directly to the customer at lower prices than the supermarkets. There is a market on Tuesday which begins at the top of Fokionos Negri and goes down Lelas Karagianni all the way to Patission Avenue, and the market that most of these photos are from which for four months is on Sporadon and Tinos streets and then moves to Hydra Street, starting at Platia Georgiou. On Saturdays there is an organic market held in the Demotiki Agora on Fokionos Negri. These photos were taken in January and February of 2009. Click on the photos to see them full size. When you finish click to return to Kypseli Index

farmers-market00.jpg farmers-market01.jpg farmers-market02.jpg farmers-market03.jpg farmers-market05.jpg
farmers-market06.jpg farmers-market07.jpg farmers-market08.jpg farmers-market09.jpg farmers-market10.jpg
farmers-market11.jpg farmers-market12.jpg farmers-market13.jpg farmers-market14.jpg farmers-market15.jpg
farmers-market16.jpg farmers-market17.jpg farmers-market18.jpg farmers-market19.jpg farmers-market19b.jpg
farmers-market20.jpg farmers-market21.jpg farmers-market22.jpg farmers-market23.jpg farmers-market24.jpg
farmers-market25.jpg farmers-market26.jpg farmers-market27.jpg farmers-market28.jpg farmers-market29.jpg
farmers-market30.jpg farmers-market31.jpg farmers-market32.jpg farmers-market33.jpg farmers-market34.jpg
farmers-market35.jpg farmers-market36.jpg farmers-market37.jpg farmers-market38.jpg farmers-market39.jpg
farmers-market40.jpg farmers-market42.jpg farmers-market43.jpg farmers-market44.jpg farmers-market45.jpg
farmers-market46.jpg farmers-market47.jpg farmers-market48.jpg farmers-market49.jpg farmers-market50.jpg
farmers-market51.jpg farmers-market52.jpg farmers-market53.jpg farmers-market54.jpg farmers-market55.jpg
farmers-market56.jpg farmers-market57.jpg farmers-market58.jpg farmers-market59.jpg

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