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Problems with Greek Bureaucracy? Need a Residence Permit? Marriage License? Have Questions About Military Service? Paying Taxes? Buying A Car? Renting an Apartment? Colleges and Universities? Starting a Business?

Sadly Dorian Kokas has passed away though his articles on getting through the Greek bureaucracy will live on forever, or as long as there is an internet. If you need legal assistance in Greece see Legal Assistance in Greece. In the meantime Dorian's articles may provide some information or at least be entertaining.

I Can Help You Make Sense of It All

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dorian Kokas. Dr. Dorian Kokas actually. I have a degree in literature which is about as useful in Greece as a degree in Souvlaki Shop management. I am a Greek-American and have lived here for thirty years. During that period I have done everything from making records to owning my own foreign language school and I have been in contact with just about every official government office in Athens doing everything from getting a drivers license to dealing with military service, customs, and residence and working permits. I would say I am an expert in the field of cutting through Greek bureaucratic red-tape providing Assistance for Foreigners, whatever their needs may be. I am eager to do battle with the forces of bureaucracy, representing you. I speak fluent Greek, have access to material on all the laws pertaining to foreigners and a boundless energy to go out and find whatever info I don't have.

I can assist with the following: (Links are to articles on each subject)

More Information

I do charge for my services but you can use the e-mail form and ask me a question or two for free. My rates are reasonable and flexible and I think you will be quite satisfied that you have got your money's worth and quite happy you found me.

Dorian Kokas

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Sadly, Dorian passed away on Nov 18 2009. I will monitor his requests and send any info I have or refer you to someone who may be able to assist you. Or you can visit Legal Assistance in Greece Matt Barrett

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