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Vouliagmeni Lake and Health Spa

You don't have to go all the way to Edipsos or Lesvos to find healing mineral springs. There are some right in Athens.

Athens, Greece: Lake Vouliagmeni Healing SpaLanding in Athens was always a thrill for me back in the days when the airport used to be right in the city. I really loved flying over the islands as we make that big turn to come in from the south. For about 30 years I had noticed what looks like a volcanic crater filled with the bluest water I have ever seen, which comes into view outside the right window about a minute before the wheels touched ground. It is called Lake Vouliagmeni and it is a mineral spa that is reported to have many healing properties for such ailments as eczema and dermatological diseases, neuralgia, headaches, disfiguring arthritis, chronic gynecological diseases, lumbago, sciatica and other problems. It was also a mysterious place because popular urban mythology said that some American scuba divers from the US Airbase nearby, disappeared while exploring the undersea caves that fed the lake in the late sixties. Then a couple years ago their bodies were discovered, more than 35 years later!

Athens Greece: Lake Vouliagmeni Health SpaThe lake is about 50 centimeters above sea level and so it is constantly overflowing and being replenished by the hot springs beneath it. The composition of the lake is brackish and full of such minerals as potassium, natrium, lithium, ammonium, calcium, ferrum, chloride, iodine and is slightly radioactive (the good kind, I guess). These minerals are known for giving relief to bone and muscle problems as well as those listed above. The lake is recognized as a wonder of nature because of its unique appearance and the surroundings. Scientific research and studies have discovered that millions of years ago, where the lake is now, there was once a large cave with a large number of hot springs. Eventually the high temperature and moisture of these springs caused the roof to collapse.

Athens Greece: Lake Vouliagmeni Healing spaThe lake is surrounded by beach chairs and umbrellas and there is a cafe-bar-restaurant too. The lake is excellent for swimming for therapy as well as for pleasure and there is equipment for helping those who find it difficult or impossible to get into the water on their own. During the summer Lake Vouliagmeni offers hotspring baths, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. English is spoken as are a number of other languages. Children are welcome.

The Lake is across the street from the very popular Vouliagmeni beach, one of the best in the vicinity of Athens. There are many hotels in the area including the 5-star luxury resorts Divani Apollon Palace and the Astir Palace Hotel. You can find more hotels of all prices and categories at Athens Coast Hotels. There are also plenty of cafes, bars, tavernas and restaurants nearby. From Athens the lake is about a half hour drive. If you require assistance contact George Kokkotos, the famous taxi driver through his website at (We stopped on the way back from Sounion.)

More Useful Information

There are also several buses that stop at the entrance of the lake and you can find these at

The lake is open year round. In the winter season the hours are from 8am to 5pm. In the summer from 6:30am to 8pm. For more information you can call them at 210 896-2237, 896-2238, 896-2239 or Fax 896-2351

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