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Greek Island Ferry Schedules from Crete to Santorini, Mykonos....


The Flying Cat 4 is a highspeed passenger ferry and does not take cars or motorbikes.
From 24th March till 10th October the boat goes daily, weather and strike permitting. From 18th June till 06th September the boat will not stop in IOS
From 11th October till 31st October ONLY to SANTORINI every day.




Price from Heraklion




SANTORINI 11:50 12:00 45.50 eu 54 eu
* IOS 12:35 12:45 45.50 54
PAROS 13:45 13:55 70 84
MYKONOS 14:35 14:55 71.50 85
PAROS 15:45 15:55 Yes it is possible to go to Santorini for the day from Crete
* IOS 16:50 17:00
SANTORINI 17:35 17:55
*No sailing : 04/04,   07/04, 21/04,  05/05,  19/05, 09/06, 16/06, 30/06,  14/07,  28/07,  11/08,  25/08,  08/09,  22/09, 06/10,  13/10,  20/10,  27/10/2010

The Mega Jet is also scheduled to leave Heraklion at 8:45 every day for Santorini but the operative word is 'scheduled' because sometimes it leaves daily and sometimes it leaves every day except Tuesday and Saturday. It leaves Santorini for Heraklion at 6:30pm. Make sure you check this with a travel agency before booking hotels based on this information. This is also just a passenger highspeed. For those with a car you can take the ferry boat Prevelis which goes from Heraklion, Crete to Santorini and Milos on Wednesday at 8:50am and Sunday at 6:20pm. You can also take this boat to Sitia, Kassos, Karpathos and Rhodes on Tuesday at 5:50am and Saturday at 1:30pm.

You should book hotels and ferries with a qualified Greek travel agency who can make changes due to any schedule disruptions such as strikes, rough weather or engine failure. See
For those who prefer to live dangerously you can book ferry tickets here

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