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Meet Some of the Animals of the Attica Zoological Park

 Animals of the Attica Zoological Park
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This is Katie of course. She guards the entrance and comes from South Africa.

Toucans are beautiful, intelligent and very friendly. I think they are my favorite birds too, especially after coming here.

If you have ever wondered what a Laughing Kookaburra looks like, here he is. He comes from Tasmania and Australia and can make a lot of noise.

The Kingfisher was my favorite bird when I was a kid. This was the first time I had seen one outside of a book.

The Marabou Stork, better known as Leptopilos Crumenifer from tropical Africa

While some of the birds are quite friendly and come right up to you and let you pet them, there are others you may not want to stick your fingers anywhere near, like this African Eagle.

This interesting looking bird is a Silver Pheasant from South China, Thailand and Burma

This is a Toco Toucan from Brazil. he is very rare. You may recognize him from the Fruit Loops cereal box.

Indian Eagle Owl from North and Central India

These are Barn Owls and are found just about everywhere including in Greece where they are known as
Klapsopoulia or Crybirds.

The Snowy Owl is found pretty much everywhere in the upper part of the northern hemisphere and was one of the birds that probably did not mind the snow that fell in Athens the week before.

And I am sure these guys didn't mind either. They are penguins in case you did not recognize them so far from the poles.

It's not all birds at the zoo. Here's an Iguana and though you can't tell from the picture, a pretty big one.

This is a Burmese Rat Snake, or maybe two or three.

These are a couple rather large Pythons.

It is not often you see a picture of an ostrich with olive trees in the background.

This South American Rhea was almost as tall as me and nearly grabbed my camera.

This Parrot actually lives in the snack bar at the zoo.

This very serious looking fellow is a Saddlebill and he comes from the southern part of Africa.

The Ground Hornbill from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya seems to be evidence that birds are related to the dinosaurs.

African Grey parrots are probably the smartest and friendliest of all the birds here. They also make more noise than any of them, some of it pretty creative.

This Blue and Gold Macaw did a ittle dance for me.

These two parrots both sleep with one foot up. I don't know if that is common or I was just lucky.

The Conyers were probably the cutest and loved my camera. The only problem was getting them to take a couple steps back so I could focus on them

I have not been back to photograph the new animals like the white lion, tiger, lemurs and giraffe but you can see them in the what's new at the zoo section

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