Last Sunday, my friends and I had an experience no visitor to the city should miss.  The performance of Ancient Pathos staged at the theatre, Location Elsewhere (17 Kefallinias Street).

      The play is an integration of excerpts from the tragedies of Aeschylus, Eurypides and Sophocles translated into the English language. The audience enjoys a three part story with a video graphic aid.

The performances and execution are excellent. Three actors only, Andia Olympiou, Vicky Chari, and Theodoris Anthopoulos, perform.  A journey in time, accompanied by music and props invigorates and stirs emotions.

The performance commences with the excerpt of Ifigeneia in Avlida, where Kleitemnistra is opposed to the sacrificial offering of Ifigeneia and her attempts to obstruct Agamemnon remain fruitless. The Greek (Hellenes) ships sail out to Troy and after 10 years of battle return to Greece. Agamemnon returns to the Palace of Atridon where he is killed by his wife Kleitemnistra and her lover Aigisthus.

The story continues when Orestis takes revenge for his father’s death in killing his mother and her lover (Kleitemnistra and Aigisthus). He will be chased by the Erinies for the crime committed and will find himself in Athens where he will be sentenced by the highest court, The Areio-Pagos. The Godess Athina liberates Orestis from the Erinies and the play completes itself with the Aristotelean catharsis.

Indeed this performance translates the passion (pathos) which titles this play.  Pathos, anger, tears, rage …..Pathos…. Ancient…. Greek.  No one should miss this performance.

          The ‘Location Elsewhere Theatre’ is itself worthy of description. I had heard of it, but had never seen a play performed there. As I stepped in, I realized what I had been missing. An entrance reminiscent of a Greece in another time greets you. It is a small theatre, classically decorated, its walls displaying antiques and play posters of days gone by.  A small bar with cafe tables and low lighting is available for a glass of wine while you await the bell announcing the start of the play.  

     By the staircase leading to the theatre, an actor’s costume is on display, one that is truly impressive, one that can be gazed at and admired for hours on end. The seating is not traditional, but sofas terraced down to the stage, separated only by a narrow passage. Throughout the performance there was a sense of intimacy between actors and audience.

To get to the theatre from Syntagma Square, take Trolley bus No.13 to the Kefallinias Street stop, about 15 minutes. After a ten minute walk on this street you are at the entrance to the theatre, No. 17.

The play is on Sundays only.


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