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Greece Long Distance Buses Time Table

Terminal A Buses

100 Kiffissou Street (Tel 210 512-4910, 210 512-4911 or 210 513-2601

To get to Terminal A either take a taxi or take bus number 051 from the corner of Zinonos and Menandrou streets. To get to this point go to Omonia Square and go down Agios Konstantinosand take a left on Menandrou (at the church of Ag Konstantinos) and walk 2 short blocks. The bus fare is .45 euros and runs every 15 minutes from 5am to 11:30pm.

Bus Schedules

Terminal B Buses

260 Liossion Street. Tel. 210 831-7153

To get to Terminal B  either take a taxi or by public transport take bus number 024 from Amalias Ave by Syntagma Square or Panapistimiou street. Buses run from 5am to midnight every twenty minutes and the fare is .45 euros

Bus Schedules

To travel out of Athens see also George the Famous Taxi Driver who does tours and transfers all over Greece. He can also get you from the airport to the bus terminals.

There is a (new) bus E93 connecting the Airport (door 5) with the bus terminals at Kiffissou street and Liossion Streer. The interval is generally 35 minutes (65 at night)

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