Railway Schedule from Athens to Peloponessos

The Peloponessos Railway station is now closed, maybe permanently. The way to get to the Peloponessos now is to go from Athens to Corinth by '' Proastiako '' from Larissia Station. The Proastiako is the new Suburban Railway system of Athens, Greece which connects Larissa Station (Athens Central Railway Station) with Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport as well as Corinth and Loutraki to the south,

From Corinth there is a connection  ( by train ) to any destination in Pelopponessos.

When in Greece you can get train information by dailing 1440. (Recorded)

The OSE Main Information Centre is at 13, Karolou Str. Athens. Tel: 30 210 5297777 Special information and facilities for disabled persons:
+30 210 5298838 for Athens
+30 2410 590263 for Larissa

There are OSE employees in charge at all stations in Athens and Larissa, to assist disabled persons.

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