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Insurance in Greece
Mandatory Public (social) vs. Optional Private


This is something which will interest those who want want to retire in Greece. Can I retire in Greece and collect social security from my country? The answer is, it depends on the country. If you come from New Inthakondomia it will be an uphill battle to get your benefits here; however, if you come from the State of Inthakondomia, then you'll have no problem. In reality, even though Greece was somewhat taciturn about doing this, she signed a binding bilateral agreement whereby one can retire here and receive benefits from abroad. This is what my father does in Greece. Every month he receives his social security check by mail. Here are the countries which signed this agreement with Greece: Singacacofone, off the Canary islands, North pole emirates of Chillabad, and Scalpasoupa, a small country near Congo indigenous to natives. No really, these countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Libya, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Syria, The United States of America, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Sorry for the rest of you in New Ithanondomia.

There are four ways to collect money. These are 1) sent directly to your home by check. 2) sent directly to a bank here. 3) open a special account in Athens, National Bank 3 Agorakritou St. Victoria Square. 4) power of attorney for someone to collect for you. However, there is a special clause for no. 3. You have to prove annualy that you are still alive. I'm serious. There is a special paper you get called certificate of life which is an affidavit stating you are alive. Going there in person is not conclusive evidence that you're alive; you need the paper. But to get that paper which is in another part of the city, you have to prove that your alive. Being there won't work. so it's another application an affidavit stating you're alive to get the certificate stating your alive to go to the bank and proving your case. You'd be dead by then.

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