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Yannis, the owner of the Rebecca cafe in Psiri grills fresh fish on warm weekend days. His restaurant is too small to fit everyone who wants to be there during the winter evenings, unfortunately. But Taverna Psiri around the corner has plenty of space.


Down the block at the Ouzerie Naxos they are serving grilled octopus with their ouzo. The Naxos is as close as it gets to being on the island of Naxos without leaving Athens.


Breaking plates is illegal and nowdays they throw flowers instead. But every once in awhile people let go since throwing a flower does not give you the same feeling of release as smashing a plate. These guys are dancing at my favorite taverna in Psiri among broken plates and debris.


Could anything be more cozy then sitting under the wine barrels in your favorite taverna drinking wine on a winter night, or even a winters day like these guys in the Stoa of Manolis?


Telis near Elefteria Square on the far side of Psiri is famous for one thing:
Hirino Brizoles. That means pork-chops in Greek. In fact with fried pototoes, salad and bread, that is all they serve (and wine and beer too). But people come from all over the city to eat here and those that don't fit spill over into the restaurant next door that also sells only hirino brizoles.


The Plaka has it's share of cozy winter tavernas like Saita on Kydatheneon street. It is a Bakaliaro restaurant which means it specializes in deep-fried salted cod, a traditional winter food.

People of Athens prefer to be outdoors rather than inside so if it is sunny you will see most people eating outside no matter what season it is.

On really nice days you can go to a seaside taverna and soak up the sun and some kalamarikia like I did when I took this picture in Microlimino harbor in Pireaus.



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