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Athens Festival and other Events

Looks like a fun summer of music, dance and theater in Athens. Thanks to Dorian and Holly for getting me this info. You can also find more up to date info in the Athens News English language paper which comes out every Friday and can be found all over the city.

See Also Rock Shows this Summer and the Topos Allou Theater in Englishwhich runs throughout the summer.

Also see Summer Poetry in Spetses: The Athens Center presents nights of poetry, wine and conversation on the beautiful island of Spetses with some of Greece's best known writers.


Athens Festival and Epidavros

June 12+14: Chinese Kunqu Opera. Megaron Concert Hall. Basilias Sophias St.
June 13-15:   Synch. Benaki Museum.
June 19 : Diotima Quartet. Megaron
June 20: New Hellenic Quartet. Megaron.
June 21: The Gospel at Colonus. Herodes Atticus (Irodou Attikou)
June 23: Ensemble Intercontemporain. Herodes Atticus
June 25: Hellenic Ensemble Contemporary Music. Megaron.
June 25: Bartok Quartet. Megaron.
June 27: Chillinginian Quartet. Megaron.
June 27-28: Stamatis Kreounakis. Herodes Atticus.
June 30: Thessaloniki Symphony Orchestra. Herodes Atticus.  

July 1-5: Theatre of Silence."Seeking Oedipus." Scholeion. Stage B.
July 3: Renee Fleming recital. Herodes Atticus.
July 4+5: National Theatre of Great Britain. Samuel Beckett "Happy Days."  Epidaurus Ancient Theatre.
July 4+5:  Attis Theatre-Theodoros Terzopoulos. Sophocles, AIAS.   Epidaurus "little" Ancient Theatre.
July 6-7: Nikos Portokaloglou. Herodes Atticus
July 7+9: Lyon National Opera. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Megaron Concert Hall.
July 8: Maggio Musicale Florentino. Herodes Atticus.
July 11: Orchestra de Paris. (works by Ravel)  Herodes Atticus.  
July  11+12: National Theatre of Greece. Aristophanes "The Frogs."  Epidaurus Ancient Theatre.
July  11-13: Compania Israel Galvan. DANCE.  "ARENA"  Peiraios 260. Stage H.
July  12+13:  Trisha Brown Dance Company.   Peiraios 260. stage D.
July 14:  BOLSHOI ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS.  Herodes Atticus. (Don't miss this one if you can get tickets)
July 16: Cyprus Theatre Organization. Aristophanes, "Plutas." Herodes Atticus.
July 18: Juliette Greco in concert. Megaron Music Hall
July 19-20: Ballet Opera National de Paris. Epidavros theatre.  
July 23: NANA MOUSKORI concert. Herodes Atticus. ( Wow!)
July 23: Dialogues With World Music. Three Greek Groups. Rex Theatre, Kotopouli Stage.
July 24: Buika In Concert. "Mi Nina Lola." Rex Theatre, Kotopouli Stage.
July 26: DANCE. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Sutra. Odeon, Herodes Atticus.
July 28:  Lena Platonos. Herodes Atticus.
July 29: Youth Greek-Turkish Orchestra. Herodes Atticus.  
July 31: Paolo Conte concert.  Herodes Atticus.

August 1+2: National Theatre of Northern Greece. Epidaurus Ancient Theatre.
August 8+9: National Theatre of Greece. Oedipus At Colonus; Oedipus the King. Epidaurus theatre.
August 15+16:  Euripides. "Medea."  Regional Theatre of Patra.  Epidaurus Ancient Theatre.
August  22+23: Aeschylus "Agamemnon." Theatro Domatiou.  Epidaurus Ancient Theatre.

See Also Rock Shows this Summer and the Topos Allou Theater in Englishwhich runs throughout the summer.

Box Offices

Central Athens
39 Panepistimiou Street, inside the Pesmazoglou Arcade
Opening Hours: Monday Friday: 08:30-16:00, Saturday 09:00-14:00

Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Dionysiou Aeropagitou Street (pedestrianised)
Opening Hours: 09:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00 Daily

Ancient Epidaurus Theatre
Argolis Prefecture, Peloponnesus
Opening Hours: Monday Thursday 09:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00,
Friday Saturday 09:30-21:30

Other Venues
Tickets may be purchased at all Festival venues, with ticket booths opening two hours before the start of performances.

Tickets can also be booked by telephone: 30 210 - 32 72 000

Dora Stratou Dancers

Don't miss the Dora Stratou Dancers who play Tuesday-Sunday in Athens. Founded in 1953, it is the living museum of Greek dance. Dances, songs and music are presented in their original form that were or are still performed in the respective villages. Costumes are authentic museum pieces, handmade in villages a century ago. The company wardrobe contains 2,000 costumes from all over Greece, complete with jewelry and accessories. On the pine-covered Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis, a 900-seat open-air theater was built especially for the "Dora Stratou" company. The stage was designed by famous Greek painter Spyros Vassiliou. Program changes every second Tuesday. Performances last approximately 80 minutes, without intermission. Many regions of Greece are represented in each performance. Each region is presented through its authentic dances, costumes, musical instruments and songs. Shows at 21:30 except Sunday when they begin at 20:15. Tickets are 15 euros. No reservation necessessary but groups should e-mail or call the box office. tel. 210.324.4395 (09.00-16.00 hours) and 210.921.4650 (from 19.30 hours). The Dora Stratou Theatre is opposite the Acropolis, on the far side of Philopappou Hill. By metro: Stations "Acropolis" or "Theseion". From the Plaka district, take the pedestrian street towards St. Dimitrios Loubardiaris and keep following the signs. By bus: Take trolley bus 15 till the "Theatre" stop. By car: Drive around Philopappou Hill, starting at the "Dionysos" restaurant opposite the Acropolis; there is a spacious parking lot adjacent to the theatre.

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