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Athens Food Tour:

The Athens Food Tour is a walking tour through the food market of Athens and the local stores offering the experience of what is called the "Green Treasure" of Greece such as its famous olive oil, quality wines, mushrooms, herbs and traditionally made pastas, hams, cheeses, aromatic vinegars and desserts. You will walk to the Meat - Fish - Vegetable market, visit Evripidou street (Street of the Herbs) where you will be guided to the hidden gems of the stores. You'll enjoy a Greek breakfast as the locals do in a century-old cafe, and continue by enjoying lunch in one of the local taverns. You will end your tour at the Deli stores of the historic center. In this tour the guide will focus on giving the best information and knowledge; not just about your first introduction in the world of Greek food but to a healthier way of life. Mediterranean diet it is! This tour starts at Monastiraki metro station.
Duration: 4 hours
Prices start from 35 euros per person.
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Athens Hills

Philipappou Hill, AthensThis Athens tour combines the natural beauty of Athens, monuments and sights of the city, the breathtaking views over the Saronic Gulf and the skyline of the city from the Hills. You will walk in a little neighbourhood of Plaka called Anafiotika which is a tiny Greek island village built on the foot of the Acropolis rock. The tour starts at Plaka where you go up to Anafiotika, visit Arios Pagos rock and then end up to Philopapou hill where you will admire the best views of Athens and the monument of Philopapos on the top. You will enjoy the views with a glass of Greek sparkling wine and a traditional Picnic with all the famous Greek  delicacies. The historic importance of these hills and their natural beauty will suprise you. Their role as the first footsteps of Democracy and Christianity will be described by the guide plus the UNESCO awarded handmade walkway pedestrians (Philopapou hill) and the beauty of Greek nature makes this tour one of the very best.
In this tour you will see: National Gardens, Presidential guard, Plaka, Anafiotika, Arios Pagos rock, Byzantine churches, Local flora, Socrates prison, Philopapou hill, Philopapou monument, Picnic at Philopapou hill with local sparkling wines and goodies.
Duration: 4 hours.
Prices start from 50 euros per person
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Athens Sailing Tour

Athens sailboat cruiseAthens is known for its endless sea coast and the turquoise waters of the Saronic Gulf that circle the southern part of the city. Spoil yourself and have the best day of your vacation as we take you on a relaxing personalized sailing tour from Athens in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Our sailing tours start from Kalamaki Marina which is easy to reach by taxi or the tram. We can arrange different types of sailing tours from a 3 hour afternoon sailing tour where you will enjoy your drink looking at the Saronic gulf sunsets to a full day trip with stops for swimming and eating. While your captain sails the boat, sit back and relax with a drink, admiring the dazzling sea views. On some deserted islands we will visit you can choose to head out on a snorkeling tour with your guide, or simply soak up the sun on the beach or swim in the clear waters. Quality snorkeling equipment, floats and inflatable beach toys are all provided!
Price start at 80 euros per person
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Jewish History Tour

Starting your tour from Syntagma square, next to the parliament building and its famous guards, then head for the Jewish museum. Walk in the alleys of Plaka, passing the ancient Agora, where the ancient Synagogue once was, and heading for the eternal Jewish neighborhoods, Monastiraki, Thissio and Psiri…

Among our walks and stops in the winding alleys of those charming neighborhoods, you will see the houses and shops and feel the ambience of some of the oldest regions in the city of Athens. You will hear the history of the Jewish population in Athens and Greece and you will see old photographs of the places we visit, making it easy for you to visualize the everyday life of the Greek-Jews, on those very alleys.

Of course we can't miss the Synagogues. We’ll visit both of them and talk with the Samas and the Rabbi (if he’s available). Furthermore, we will stop for coffee under the Acropolis, where we will rest, getting the best view of the Parthenon. We will visit the old Jewish market, still named after the Jewish family who opened the first antique shop there. We will have a nice Mediterranean kosher lunch and learn new recipes by the Rabbi’s wife. We will also learn about Greek Jews during the holocaust in Athens and other cities, the monument of the holocaust and many more Jewish orientated sites and info from this unique Walking Jewish Tour in Athens that only lasts one morning and includes everything worth seeing!
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