We have just cut over to Stadiou street to see the old Parliament building with the statue of Koloktronis pointing to his favorite ouzeri.
It is now the National Historical Museum, or was the last time I checked.
During the 2nd World War the Greeks were so hungry they were trading land and houses for loaves of bread and olive oil.
A Greek politician tried to introduce a law that would make all those transactions void. He was shot on the steps of this building.
At least this is a story Andrea's aunt told us but I could not find anything about this.
However in 1905 former prime minister Theodoros Deligiannis was assassinated on the steps when he tried to close down or at least control the gambling houses.
But he was stabbed, not shot.
The Museum contains historical items from the period beginning with the capture of Constantinopolis by the Ottomans in 1453 to the Second World War, particularly the Greek Revolution and the establishment of the modern Greek state.
If we had more time I would give you a tour. But we don't so let's go.