Omonia Square used to be one of the nicest squares in Athens but the latest version is a concrete nightmare. The plants you see were added later when people complained that there was no greenery.
The plan is to tear it all out and do it again and make it more park like and less like the top floor of an airport parking garage.
Once again through the brilliance of Greek urban architecture they created a public space that was attractive only to pigeons, criminals and drug addicts.
But after the presence of these undesirables caused several of the luxury hotels to go out of business the police leaped into action and began patrolling Omonia to take it back for the citizens of Athens.
But the citizens of Athens don't want it the way it is. It is an embarrassment. No shade trees? No benches? No fountains? No people? Even the pigeons are not that crazy abut it.
At least when the junkies and criminals were here it had some social value.
In my opinion the architects, the city planners, and anyone involved in creating this version of Omonia Square should be sent into exile to Uzbekistan.