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Please fill out this form. Note that the form will not work without your correct e-mail address. You are not being added to any lists. We have to use this so we don't get inundated with junk mail. PLEASE don't tell your life story or ask questions about things not related to the tours. Nadia gets very busy in the tourist season and if you use her as a free information service you are wasting her time, and your own.

For reservations, please contact Nadia 2 to 4 months ahead. (Guides in Athens get very busy from early April through late October).Last minute requests will not be attended in the high seasons.

If you have questions about hotels, your itinerary, what to eat for breakfast or things not related to her tours you can e-mail Matt Barrett. Answering those questions is his job. Or join Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides Group on Facebook and there are lots of people in that group who love to give free advice.

Nadia's Tours 2024 will be offered in: Late March, April, May, early June, September, October

For Fall 2024, bookings begin after April 2024.

Weekends are not included, due to extremely busy cruise ships’ schedule in Athens.

Nadia's Tours...

From 2 to 3 hours: 1) the Acropolis (offered only in late afternoon or early evenings) 2) The Acropolis Museum 3) the ancient agora 4) the Archaeological Museum 5) The Benaki museum 6) a walking tour through the historical center of Athens

From 4 to 5 hours: 7)The Acropolis and the Acropolis museum (offered only in late afternoon or early evenings) 8) the Acropolis and the ancient agora (offered only in late afternoon or early evenings) 9) the Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis 10) Mythology oriented tour  11) Walking tour of the main quarters of Athens

For her Thematic/’Off the Beaten Track’ Tours (e.g. Street Art, Botany and Myths, Democracy, Roman/Byzantine/Neoclassical Athens etc.), ask Nadia on the ‘Special Interests’ field, on the Form below.

For her half or full day trips out of Athens, (Athenian Riviera, Eleusis, Delphi, Corinth-Nemea, Argolis, etc.) ask Nadia on the ‘Which Tours’ field, on the Form below.

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