There are all sorts of street vendors on the streets of Athens, selling jewelry, African art, paintings and other interesting things. Mostly they spend as much time packing and unpacking their goods because of constant harassment by the police who apparently don't realize that people have stood in the Agora below the Acropolis and sold their goods on the street since before the days of Pericles. Nick Nikolau is an American who works the streets during the weekends and supplements his income by finding antiques for the museums. Says Nick about the harassment of the police: "They know it is bull and we know it is bull. They come around and make us tear everything down and then they leave and we open up again. But the cops are just doing their job. What they want and what we want is for someone upstairs to realize that having street vendors is a good thing and an added attraction to the city. Then we can make our living and the cops can go chase real criminals".

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