Official Athens 2004 Olympics Merchandizing

Some people say that the Athens 2004 Olympics will not be remembered for the construction delays that caused such anxiety to organizers, athletes and ticket-holders, but for the incredible amount of merchandizing. Organizers believe that these Official Athens 2004 Olympic products will break all past Olympic merchandising records sending children and fans home happy and distributors and merchants home even more happy. There are thousands of Olympic Products that will be for sale in Official Athens 2004 Olympic Shops before, during and probably for a long time after the Athens 2004 Games.

What kind of products will we see in these shops? I went undercover, disguised as an Olympic fanatic to the Official Athens 2004 Olympics Shop of George Dolkos at 107 Adrianou Street in the Plaka and after buying several items ( a shirt, a hat and the towel in the photo) I told him that if I had the money I would buy everything in the store, but since I didn't could I at least photograph them for my collection. Not realizing who I was, he agreed. You see, when George and others signed the contracts which would allow them to buy and sell the Official Olympic Products they were also signing an agreement that they could not advertise these products. The strategy behind this is...well, actually it does not make any sense to me but what do I know? I am just an investigative reporter looking for a big story.

So this is my big scoop. Let the other media writers keep rehashing the same tired stories of construction delays and other minor problems. They will look foolish when Athens 2004 is a smashing success. Now let them look on with jealousy as I reveal the Athens 2004 Official Olympic Products to a world that is breathlessly anticipating them.

Investigative journalism can be a dangerous job, but it is an important one and I know you will agree that most people's lives won't be complete until they have seen the Official Athens 2004 Olympic Towel or Official Athens 2004 Olympic Swatch or an Official Athens 2004 Olympic keychain of The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Mascots, Flivos and Athena, in action, performing their favorite activity. (Olympic activity that is.)

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