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Elaias Gi Olivewood Products

One of the more unique shops in Athens is Elaias Gi, which means 'Olive Earth". This small shop at 122 Adrianou Street in Athens' Plaka sells beautiful hand made products made from olive wood including backgammon boards, goblets, spoons and other kitchen utensils as well as other interesting items.

Olive wood goblets

olive wood forks

Olive wood backgammon

olivewood utensils

Olive wood candle holders

Olive wood spoons

Olive oil

Where there is olive wood there must be olive oil. Premium extra-virgin

Olive wood sign

You can find Elaias Gi in the Plaka at 122 Adrianou Street right by Byzantino and Olympico Jewelry Stores. If you are looking for something special you can e-mail them or call 210 3211390


Olympico Jewelry

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