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Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, an hour ahead of Central European Time and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Along with the rest of continental Europe, the clock is advanced one hour during summer -from the end of March to the end of September- almost a month earlier than the UK, the US and Canada. Therefore keep in mind that the time difference with these countries is one hour greater for some weeks in April and October. If you want to find out what is the exact time call 141 (recorded message in Greek). Greeks are always late for appointments and this also is known as being on 'Greek Time'. They say that the reason is because nobody wants to be the first one to arrive and have to wait for the other people because then he is a fool. So everyone comes late and  the people who come first, even if they are late, may leave again and come back when someone else is there, which means that unless 2 people show up at the same time the meeting will never happen. So if you are meeting someone and they are not there yet, sit down and wait for them and they will show up, most of the time. Aggravated Greek Time is when you are at a concert or performance and they delay it because some Government minister is late.

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