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THE PEOPLE (population - religion - language)
Population: 10.964.020 (2001 - census)
More than 4 millions Greeks are estimated to live abroad, including over 2 million in America.
Sex distribution: Male 49,49% ,
female: 50,51% (2001).
Population by areas: Urban: 58,8%, Semi-rural: 12,8%, Rural: 28,4%.
Area (sq. km): 131.957
Density: 82,9 inhabitants per sq. km. (2001)
Birth rate: 9,6 per 1000 inhabitants (1999)
Life expectancy: males 74,6 years (1990),
females 79,40 years (1990)
Capital city: Athens (3.192.606 inhabitants - 2001)

Let's not forget the illegal immigrant population of Greece which there is no way to count since they are illegal and don't really take part in the census. The Greek government gets money from the EU to take care of them, but where that money goes nobody knows except those who have it. So instead of having money to live until they can go elsewhere or get papers so they can work legally, the immigrants are forced to sell bootleg CDs and knock-off handbags, luggage, watches or to stand at busy intesections and wash windshields or sell tissues, at the same time having to watch out for the police who seize their merchandize and arrest them. So let's get this straight: The Greek government keeps the money meant for the immigrants, so the immigrants have to go out on the street and engage in illegal activities to survive, and then they are arrested by the police for breaking the law. Great system. The answer? Support your neighborhood immigrant because the government doesn't. (They sell some pretty cool stuff)

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