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The Greek language with a documented record spanning three and a half millennia is a strong element of national continuity. Modern Greek derives from the same idiom used by Homer. Greek is also the language of the Gospels. The Greek alphabet and the Greek language have contributed much to all western languages. Today's Greeks, however, are the only ones who ensure this linguistic continuity. In this respect Greek, is to be distinguished sharply from Latin which generated numerous neo-latin languages from Rumanian to Portuguese before it became itself extinct.

Someone said to me that it is pointless to learn Greek because unless you have grown up speaking it you will never speak it well enough to talk about things of importance and those foreigners who have lived in Greece for 40 years and still don't feel like they speak Greek will know what he means. However if you put your mind to it you can do anything, even speak Greek.

There are various language programs in Athens. Best known is the Athens Center. See

There are several programs for speaking Greek on DVD such as George Balanis Anotek Program at

See also for more detailed info and some helpful words and phrases.

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