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International Calling Cards in Greece

There are many international calling card options for travelers to Greece and these are a few options...

People have several communications options to choose from. For those person who only want to be able to place calls themselves to the U.S. or other countries, they should buy one of the "International Calling Cards" available. There are several types of these cards available on the market. Probably the best and easiest to use is the OTE "ΤΗΛΕΚΑΡΤΑ".

With this card, the user can place a call to any phone in the world at 3% lower rates than by placing the call from a regular land line. Calls to the U.S., Canada, and most of Europe cost only Euros 0.29 per minute. You can use the same card to place local calls including calls to cellular phones in Greece. It is the easiest to use since all you need to do is to slip the card into an "OTE" phone and then dial the number you need to call. You don't need to know code numbers or pin numbers. The drawback is the fact that you can only use "OTE" public telephones that are equipped to accept these cards. OTE has installed these phones in various locations throughout Greece, but as you can guess, they are not everywhere and very often they are not functioning properly due to misuse or vandalism. The ones that are operational usually have long lines of people waiting to make a call.

There are several different other types of calling cards, many of which offer even lower rates. Also, some of these cards are "country specific", which means that you buy a card for calling only 1 specific country. These cards require a bit more effort to use. There is a hidden code number that you need view by scratching off the protective graphite. The cards then have instructions on what to do in order to place a call. Usually, you need to call a specific "800" number, then enter the number you want to call, and then enter the hidden card code number. Although less costly, these types of cards are relatively difficult to use. Another drawback is the fact that you can't use the OTE phones mentioned above to place your call. You need to find a regular land based phone that will allow you to make the 800 number call. This is more easily said than done.

Another option is to rent a phone from Greece Travel Phones

Some people can bring their phones from the U.S., but I am not familiar with their service or costs other than that they get charged for placing calls and for receiving calls. I believe (but am not sure) that phone calls cost US $1.50 per minute both ways.

I know that Satellite phones are available, but I still haven't seen one of them yet. The cost is prohibitive at about $2.50 per minute. There is some new info on pre-paid calling cards at and it may be helpful for you to read my section on Internet Cafes and Staying in Contact at

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