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Health Care in Greece

You should feel perfectly safe to eat and drink everything and the tap water is safe. The health services are good and you will be able to find an English-speaking doctor easily. Residents of EU countries are eligible to receive free emergency medical care. Medical insurance is always a good idea for additional cover for travelers.

In case of emergency call:

Ambulance Service: 166
Duty Hospitals and Clinics: 1434
Aids Help Line: 210 7222222
Poisoning First Aid: 210 7793777
Pharmacies: 1434
Open Line for Drug Addiction:
210 3617089

Note from Matt: I cut my foot very badly on the island of Kea and had to get stitches at the local clinic. I was nervous of course but in the end it was a very enjoyable experience after the initial trauma passed. And it was Free! (and I was not a resident of an EU country, or at least they didn't know I was because they did not even ask) So if you get hurt don't be afraid. But if you get seriously injured keep in mind that even though health-care is free for everyone, the members of the government and other wealthy people go abroad for serious operations. But there are clinics and hospitals on all the islands. My brother had an emergency appendectomy on the island of Lesvos and survived, in fact he thought the doctor was pretty good even though the hospital itself was so run down he thought he was going to die there.

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