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Athens: Credit Cards and Travelers Checks

All major Credit Cards as well as Euro-cheques are recognized and accepted in most hotels, shops, travel and car rental agencies and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are acceptable.

In case of loss or theft of your credit card call immediately:

  1. Access
    24 hour service
    Tel.: 210 9503673
  2. American Express Mon-Fri.:08:30-16:00
    Sat.: 08:00-13:00
    Tel.: 210 3244975
    24 hour service
    Tel.: 00 441273526840
  3. Citicard (Citibank)
    24 hour service
    Tel.: 210 9290000
  4. Diners
    24 hour service
    Tel.: 210 9290200
  5. Eurocard/Mastercard
    24 hour service
    Tel.: 210 9503673
  6. Visa International
    24 hour service
    Tel.: 210 9503673 Tel.: 00 800 11 6380304

TRAVELLER'S CHEQUES issued by all the major companies are widely recognized. You can cash your traveller's cheques in all Greek and foreign banks, exchange bureaus and big hotels, but do not forget to have your passport with you. Identification is necessary for the transaction.

Watch out for some jerk who volunteers to help you get a taxi in Syntagma and grabs your wallet. If this happens to you and you realize it has just happened, you can head him off by going to the nearest exchange service and waiting for him to show up because he can't use your credit card at the bank, only at one of these places, and he will want to use it fast, before you get an opportunity to cancel it. If you see a cop on the way bring him with you to point him out. The guy will probably make up some story that he found the wallet after he was helping you get a cab and was going to the exchange service to return it to you, and the cop will probably believe him because it is easier than arresting him and you will at least have your wallet back. But if you have a cell phone you should cancel your credit cards anyway in case you don't see him. Watch your stuff on the metro and on crowded trolleys. My brother who prides himself on never having been pickpocketed, had it happen twice in 3 days, both times on the metro. Keep one hand on your wallet and the other on your cell phone. Better yet don't carry a wallet. Carry one credit card and have photocopies of your passport. On the metro put your hand in the pocket that has your money and one credit card. Better yet don't carry your credit card at all. Just use it once to get money and lock it and any money you don't need that day in the hotel safe.

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