(Thanks to Dorian Kokas and Michalis Orphanides, two famous musicians and friends who helped compile this list and told me their favorite places)

REMBETIKA(Call for programs) 
For more information on Greek Music go to my Rembetika page

 NTOYZENI  8 Makroyianni near the Acropolis. Open  Thurday through Sunday  with four Rembetika singers. ( tel. 9227597, 9219427 )  2,500  drachs per drink. Matt likes this place.
 PERIVOLI  T'  OYRANOU  Lisikratous 19, Plaka.Six  Rembetika singers, cozy atmosphere.3.000 drachs  per drink, 8.000  for full menu.Closed  Sunday and Monday.
( tel. 3235517, 3222048 )
 STOA  ATHANATON   Sofokleos 19.  Six Rembetika singers.  Food & drinks .  Open  3:30  p.m- 7:30 p.m. and at night. Closed Sunday.
 DIPLOCHORDON 13 Ag. Lavras & Galatsiou Ano Patissia. Two Rembetika singers, one Rembetist violin in musical scheme. 2,000 drachs per drink. Closed Mon. & Tue. tel. 2283867.
 PONTIKI 9 Eptanisou, Kypseli. New & Old "laika" music. Bottle of  whisky 20,000 drachs. Closed Mon. & Tue.
ASTROFEGGIA   294 Patission, Agios Loukas. Seven singers, traditional violin. 2.000 drachs per drink, 3.000 for menu. Closed Mon. Tue. wed. Tel. 2010160.
MNISIKLEOUS    22 Mnisikleous  ,Plaka.  Six singers .3,000 a drink . Open Thu.  through Sun. (3225558 ).
STATHMOS  22 Mavromateon, Pedio tou Areos (Green Park)  Four singers. 2,500 a drink. Thu. through Sun. Tel. 8832393 & 8220883.
KAVOURAS  64 Themistoklous, Exarchia. Three member laiko and Rembetoko group. 2,000 per drink. Closed Sun. Tel. 3810202.


 AMBELOFILO  3 Karagiani & Samothrakis, Kypseli. Light Greek Island music. Traditional Greek food. 1.500 drs. per drink. Call for days and hours. Tel. 8678862. (recommended by Michaelis)
 ELAFOKINIGOS  5 Stavrou  street ,Girokomeio. Specializing in all types of  game
( fowl,deer, etc ) closed  Monday.( tel.8252767 ).


 PALENQUE  41 Farantatou,Goudi.Open every night.Live bands.Latin party  every Sat.Every Sunday live tango with famous Latin bands.Every Monday Cuban Salsa  party.
Tue: live flamingo.Wed: live Cuban ,Latin dancing.Lessons every Sun throughThu.early.
( highly recammended by Michaeli ) TEL:7487548. ( 4.000  drs  per drink. )
 AISOPOU MYTHOS    Aisopou  11,  Psyrri,  Plaka.Wine  bar, live  jazz & ethnic   with
alternating  bands. No music on mondays.(3310884 )
  KSEXASMENO  PIGADI    ag. Lauras   87,  ANO  PATISIA.  Rock, Latin, Blues, Jazz, Wednesday- Sunday. Entrance with drink 2.000 drs.  Friday  &  Saturday 2.500 drs.
 ( highly  recommended  by   Michaelis ). TEL:22283063.


AN  13 Solomou, Exarchia. Well known Greek bands and touring bands from the UK and USA. 4.000 drs. entrance. the wee morning hours. Indoors. (recommended by Dorian and Michaeli) Matt Barrett used to play here. When you go ask when he is playing again. Tel. 3305056
CAMEL CLUB   268 Vouliagmenis . Wed. to Sat.,the band "Anikti Thalasa". 2.500 drs. per drink. (recommended by Michaeli)  Tel. 9716145
 ROCKLAND  2 Frantzi & Sygrou  55.  House band with guest stars every Sat.
STAVROS TOU NOTO  Frantzy & Tharipou 37, Neo Kosmos.  Greek & American rock, changes of bands every day.  Mon. through Fri.  Panos Katsimichas from the famous Katsimichas brothers sings his top 10 Greek folk rock songs. Panos and I (Dorian) started the band "Agapanthos" which brought us notoriety. Needless to say I highly recommend this club.  Entrance with drink, 2.500 drs.  Tel. 9226975, 9239031.


 BOSSA NOSTRA  22 Aristophanous, Psyrri. Red decor. Some Latin. Tel. 3244891
 ALSOS  Pedio tou Areos  (Green Park)  Greek laika and rock alternative. Tel. 8212271.
 GRAFFITI  192 Sygrou, Kallithea.  Wed. classical rock;  Thu. & Sat. trip hop, drums
and bass,  Fri. reggae; Sun. live jazz.  Tel.  9597995.
LOOP  3  Ag. Asomatou, Thisio. Alternate bands.  Tel. 3247666

60'S  AND  70'S  POP   AND  ROCK

 SIXTIES   Posiedonos   Ave.  62 ,  P Faliro.( by the sea )  . Live sixties band, many  alternating  guest stars . Perhaps the best  sixties   music  in Greece.( highly  recomended  by  Dorian and Michaelis ) 3.000 drs.  per drink.  Closed  Sunday  & Monday    Tel. 9819355, 9812741.
TOP STADIUM   Hotel Stadio, Bas. Kostantinou 38.  Alternative singers, 3.000 drs. per
drink. Closed Sun. and Mon. Tel. 7226054.
MEMORIES  M. Mousourou 1, Mets.  4 singers alternate; warm, cozy, full menu 8.000 drs., 2.000 per drink. Open Wed., Fri., Sat. Tel. 9225712, 9226672. (recommended)
WILD ROSE  10 Panepistimiou, Center of Athens. Pop, sixties, rock party on tuesdays, blue gray decor.  Open every day.  Tel. 3642160.
FOLIE FOLIE  2 Elsin, Ambelokipi.  Mon. reggae, Tue.Latin, Wed.Samba, Thu.hip hop, Fri.funk, Sat.mix, Sun. sixties.  Open 'till late. (recommended)  Tel. 6469852.


 BE BOP  Orminou 4, Hilton Hotel. Live Greek rock, plus jazz, funk, soul. Open all evenings. (recommended by Michaeli)  Tel. 7221708.
 BLUES  20 Panormou, Ambelokipi. Only blues in old neo-classical house. Open all evenings.  Not live. Tel. 6433372.
 EMPLEON  20 Laskaratou, Ano Patissia.  Funk, soul, rock. Every Thu. Latin and Caribian fiesta
  HALF NOTE   17 Tribonianou, Mets. Opens at 11 pm.  6.000 drs. per drink.     (recommended by Michaeli)
  KIBUBU  9 Galatsiou, Patissia.  The owner is  a very good friend of ours. Mexican, Latin decor. Caters to all age groups. No live. 1.500 a drink, indoors and out. (recommended by Dorian and Michaeli) .


ALEXANDER'S   Anagnostopoulou 44, Kolonaki. Glamorous dancing in one of the most chic ares in Athens.  Tel. 3646664
 GRANAZI   20 Lembesi, Makroyianni. Friendly and unpretentious environment. Tel. 9244185.
 DIAMONDS AND PEARLS   35 Poseidonos, Kalamaki. On the seaside. Striptease. Entrance with drink 5.000 drs.
 DOLLS   5 Varis Ave., Vari.  Entrance with drink 5.000 drs.  Tel. 9658698.
 E......KAI  12 Iosif Ton Ragon, Makroyiani. Tel. 9221742.
 SIROCCO   255 Sygrou Ave, Nea Smirni. Entrance with drink 3.000 drs.
 TESSERA   117 Pireus, Gazi.  Entrance with drink 3.000 drs. Tel. 9424986.


 A MILLION DOLLARS   166 3rd September.  Entrance with drink 4.000 drs.
 ATHENS QUEEN'S   Glyfada square (seaside)  2.500 drs. per drink.  Tel. 8983000.
APHRODITE CLUB   177 Sygrou Ave.  3.000 drs. per drink.  Tel. 9325534.

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