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Greek Dishes 5

Dolmades-Stuffed Cabbage
(Mortzoukos in Poros)

(Remezzo's in Sigri, Lesvos)

Marides-Fried Small Fish
(Medusa in Skala Kaloni, Lesvos)

Kalamarakia-Fried Squid
(Agoni Grammi in Rafina)

Avga Matia me Bacon ke Lookaniko-Fried eggs with bacon and sausage(and Vangelis)
Stavros Cafe-Kamares, Sifnos

Castana-Roasted Chestnuts
(The Streets of Athens)

Lakerda-Marinated Raw Tuna
(Kostas in Campo Antissa, Lesvos)

Carotta Salata-Carrot Salad
(Diros Restaurant in Athens)

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