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Greek Dishes

Here is a series of photos I have taken of Greek dishes.  Generally when I sit down for a meal my first impulse is not to take a picture of what I am about to eat but lately I have been more likely to do it, especially during the day when we eat outdoors and the pictures actually come out.  There have been numerous times when I have half finished an incredible dish and realized too late that I should have taken a picture before it looked like a grizzly pile of bones, shells or stems. But anyway these pictures that I do have will certainly show you that there is a great variety of food in Greece. I have included the names of the restaurants where I have taken the picture of each dish, some of them not in Athens. But many of these can be found anywhere. I also would like to add that creating this page made me very hungry.

Greek Dishes

Horiatiki Salata-Greek Village Salad
(Saga Hotel in Poros)

Psomi sta Karvouna-Toasted Bread
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Koutsomoures Tiganites-Fried Red Mullet
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Gavros Salata-Fresh Anchovy Salad
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Yigandes-Lima Beans
(Platia Iroon in Psiri)

Tarama Salada-Caviar Salad
(O Sabouras in Naphlion)

Mikri Picilia-Small Assortment
(Margaretta's Ouzeries Kamari in Sifnos)


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