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Billy's Bus Tours, Athens

If you are traveling with a group to Athens and need transportation or tours of Athens and around the mainland look no further than Billy Kokkotos, son of George the Famous Taxi Driver. See our new website!

Billy's Bus ToursHello. I am Billy Kokkotos and I have lived in Athens, a wonderful city of history, art and culture since I was 8 years old, when our family left the USA. After I graduated high school I went to Italy and UK to finish my studies in Economics. But when I returned to Greece I wanted to work with my father. This upset him in a way because I think he wanted me to become an Economist or something more, after spending so much time and money on my education. But for me personally, I prefer to interact with people and show them my country, rather than sit in front of a computer working with numbers and talking to people about money all the time. I explained to my father that my love of history and Greek culture, my ability to speak English and Italian fluently and the fact that I like being a host and showing people my city and my country, made me better suited to a career in tourism instead of Economics. Finally he relented and took me into the business and I joined him and my brother Dennis (who is a trained physical therapist who prefers to drive a limousine) and began by doing transfers from the airport and ports and eventually to doing tours on my own. When my father realized that because the taxi only held four customers and the limo seven, the next step was to buy a small bus that we can use for larger groups. Believe it or not we bought the bus and spent almost a year getting it ready and finally in 2008 we began to use it for the tours and transfers. I think you will agree that buses do not get much more comfortable than my Air-conditioned Mercedes Luxury which seats 12 people plus me. I can meet you and your group at the airport, your hotel or the ports of Pireaus, Rafina, or Lavrion. My goals are simple. I want to be as well-known and respected as a mini-bus driver as my father is with his taxi. Maybe I would have been a successful economist, who knows? All I know is that this is what I want to do with my life. This is what I was born to do. It is in my genes, I believe. Whether you need transfers from the airport to your hotel, or to the port of Pireaus or want to see the Acropolis, Temple of Sounion, or the many places to visit in and around Athens, day or night, I am at your service.

Billy's Bus Tours, Athens Bus tour, athens

Billy's Bus in Athens My bus is a Custom Built Mercedes Benz Sprinter 315 CDI 2008 model with 12 seats for passengers plus driver and co driver or guide. For transportation with luggage I can only accommodate 8 people and their luggage. For tours I can carry 12 people (plus driver and tour guide). The bus has a refrigerator for cold drinks and water, TV monitor with DVD player which enables me to show my passengers documentaries and films about some of the archaeological sites they will be visiting with me. The TV also has a USB port so people can see their videos and photos they have taken during the trip. Two powerful A/C Units and Comfortable Leather Seats plus step for easy access into the vehicle for older people or people who have difficulties in walking or climbing stairs.

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