Jon Call: Greek Sun + Ouzo = Paintings

Jon Call has been painting Greek seas, skies, and stones for thirty-five years, ever since he arrived in Greece at US Airforce expense and decided to stay. His present studios are in his homes that he purchased and restored for that purpose. One is in Kastella overlooking the Micro Limano yacht harbor of Piraeus, and the other is in a restored wine factory vault (kanava) on Santorini. Actually it was the sun and the ouzo that made me decide to stay, he confesses.
Call studied art at the Vesper George Art School in Copley Square in Boston. During his years in Greece, he also ran a successful T-shirt printing business and raised a family. His watercolors, oils, acrylics, and photographs have been displayed in galleries in Santorini, Sifnos, and Athens.

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