George Dolkas T-Shirt and Swatch Shop

Hello. My name is George and I want to welcome you to Greece. Yes I know that you may be sitting home in front of your computer just planning your trip or enjoying the website but I wanted to introduce myself to you. I hope that you will stop in when you get to Greece because I have the best original designs for Greek t-shirts, embroidered and silk-screened, most of them you can't find in any other stores. I have a large collection of t-shirts for the Athens 2004 Olympics, and reproductions of classical Greek art. Please have a look at some of the designs I carry in my shop and then come in and see them for yourself because they look even better in person.

I have many more designs too! And right next door to my shop is the Official Swatch shop! If you are looking for some left-over shirts from the Olympics I don't have many left but you can see our old catalog here

There are many t-shirts in the Plaka and in them you will find many of the same shirts. In fact you will find the same shirts as you will find in Jamaica or Bermuda or the Bahamas only these say Greece. But in my shop you will find original designs that you can find nowhere else. I also have a large collection of swatches, baseball caps and of course ancient Greek BVD underwear, essential for any cultured traveler.

So please stop in and visit my shop. I am at
107 Adrianou street on the corner where Hill and Kekropos and Hatzimichali streets all meet. If you need directions you can call me at 210 331-1282 or you can e-mail me at

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